Harem Hotel Codes (November 2021) Updated

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Here you will find Harem Hotel cheat codes, with the help of which you will know how to get money, max stats more stuff using cheat codes. If you want to take advantage of this then you can use the cheat codes given below.

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Best Harem Hotel Cheat Codes

Here we will provide you Harem Hotel cheat codes of money, stats, extra scenes and more.

Best Harem Hotel Cheat Codes for Money

If You Need Money, so you can use these Cheat Code.

makeitrain Gives you $1,000
makeitstorm Gives you $999,999

For your information, let me tell you that you can use all these cheat codes multiple times.

Best Harem Hotel Cheat Codes for Stats

You can max stats of your favorite character or you can max stats of all characters.

jumptoend_linMaxes out Lin’s stats
jumptoend_kaliMaxes out Kali’s stats
jumptoend_ashMaxes out Ashley’s stats
jumptoend_mariaMaxes out Maria’s stats
jumptoend_botMaxes out Android’s stats
jumptoend_F&EMaxes out Felicity & Emma’s stats
jumptoend_autumnMaxes out Autumn’s stats

Best Harem Hotel Cheat Codes for Extra Scenes

You Can Use All These Cheat Codes To Get Exclusive Senses.

slaveroute_niaChanges Nia’s route to the Slave Route
loveroute_niaChanges Nia’s route to the Love Route
slaveroute_sylviaChanges Sylvia’s route to the Slave Route
loveroute_sylviaChanges Sylvia’s route to the Love Route

More Codes

add10daysAdds 10 Days
changenameChanges your name

Information About Harem Hotel

Here is an adult dating simulation game in which the players control the character of a man whose grandfather has recently died, his grandfather was the owner of the girl hotel. His Grandfather used to work secretly on an Android made as a pleasure bot. After working on her for years on end though, he came to see her as his daughter and never used her for that purpose, treating her as his child.

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