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Meet Wiz Konosuba (Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!) Wiki



Here you will get to know everything about Wiz Konosuba. We are going to reveal many things about this character. Which no one has told you till now, if you want to know about this character in detail then you can read this article.

Information about Wiz Konosuba

Wiz is a very important supporting character in Konosuba. she is a lich who is the owner of the famous magic item shop and used to be referred to as the Ice Witch (氷の魔女, Kōri no Majo) when she is fighting adventurer from Demon King.

Wiz is the only character in Konosuba to have her honorable actions be taken quite seriously in the entire series and one of the only characters considered by Kazuma to be an actual good person.

Wiz Konosuba Appearance

Wiz is a lovely and well-endowed woman. she is 20 years old and has fair skin and a curvaceous figure. She has brown eyes and straight brown hair that reaches down to her shoulders. and her hair is a bit curly at the back. Her fringe sometimes covers her right eye and she looks cute. Wiz also possesses a single ahoge that shoots off the top of her head.

Wiz’s theme color is purple. She wears a light purple long dress under a dark purple hooded gambeson robe with golden props and dark-purple boots. Over her robe, Wiz uses a golden cross brooch with bat wings.

Wiz Konosuba Personality

Often clumsy and forgetful wiz is a kind and caring young woman despite preconceptions about being a lich. This girl is very innocent and meek and often apologizes, making her the target of bullying by Aqua or Vanir and Beldia constantly throwing his head under her skirt, But eventually, they start to treat them with more respect after spending more and more time with them.

Although he has great respect and trust in the minds of the townspeople, Wiz is usually very gentle and courteous. Yet she can be serious and mature, she can act like an older sister. Disappointed with money and business there, since the first opening in Axel Town, I haven’t had a profitable month for her shop.

She sells a lot of useful things but for beginner adventurers, it’s a negative side effect or endgame equipment regardless of the situation in town.

Before becoming Lich, Wiz was very strong-willed and very competitive. But at the same time, she was very kind and ready to sacrifice herself to save her companions by being a lich. She used to be somewhat angry and ruthless but she was still very nice and benevolent who fought against the demon king’s army so that she could help other people.

The only way to make Wiz angry is to harm the innocent.

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