Who is Maggie in Apex Legends? Why Does She Hate Fuse?

Who is Maggie in Apex Legends? Why Does She Hate Fuse?

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If you do not even know who Maggie is, then let me tell you that if you have seen the background story of Fuse inside Apex Legends, then you must have got a little hint.

Fuse Joining the Apex games with a bit of baggage in the form of lifelong friendship gone wrong. When the fuse is delivering its grand introduction inside the King’s Canyon. his party crashed by the voice of a character fuse Called Maggie.

Who is Maggie in Apex Legends
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Who has hacked the ship of fuse and tries to shoot people in the party. We can’t see her face inside the trailer, but she was Fuse’s lifelong friend from salvo. Where Fuse was born and where he raised.

Below is the video (Good As Gold)that you are watching, that fuse’s Complicated Relationship with Maggie.

Maggie becomes frustrated with salvo’s decision to join the syndicate. On the other hand, the fuse decision is to join the apex games.

At the end of the video Maggie fights between Fuse and inside which Maggie throws a bomb towards the fuse and the bomb explodes and the bomb explodes, cutting off the hand of the fuse.

You can’t even think like that. They both grew up together and how their friendship turned into enmity. So their enmity continues till now and if we get to know about Apex legends, then everyone is very excited about it.

If you do not know, let me tell you that when the Apex Legends Season 8 was released, the voice of which the salvo ship was destroyed due to the voice was the voice of Maggie. And the voice that people are hearing inside Apex Legends right now is the voice of Meggie.

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