Love and Thunder Trailer here. The trailer gives us new information about the plot and mood of the movie.

This movie will be Thor’s fourth movie and is directed by Taika Waititi, the director of Thor:Ragnarok.

we see Korg, who tells the story of Thor to the children. There isn’t much here, but I think it’s underlined that Thor isn’t on Earth.

In the next scenes, we see Thor getting back in shape, exercising, and his new look and new costume.

We see Thor in the middle of a battle and then Mjolnir appears. Just as Thor reaches out and takes Mjolnir, Mjolnir is heading towards Jane.

Thor’s worthy cannot be gone because Thor was still able to use Mjolnir in the movie Avengers:Endgame. There must be a reason why Mjolnir went towards Jane, but that is not shown to us in the trailer.

In the next scenes, Thor tells about Jane to Korg. After taking a quick glance at Jane and her suit. Jane says “What’s it been like three, four years?”. We understand from here that Jane was dusted in the Blip.

Then Thor says “Eight years, seven months and six days”. A funny answer from Thor, but the main point here is that Thor cannot forget Jane, just like in the movie Avengers:Endgame.

Judging by what he said, Gorr argues that the gods only think about themselves. But our character Thor is a god who thinks about other people. At this point, Gorr and Thor are in conflict more intellectually than physically.

Gorr the God Butcher

In this scene, we also see Gorr’s sword called “All Black Necrosword”. The Necrosword may have been processed differently in the cinematic universe than the comic book universe and its power may have been reduced compared to the comic book universe.

The Necrosword in the comic book universe was attached to Gorr. After these scenes, we see Gorr in a dark place. This place could be the Necro-Verse from the comics. Necro-Verse is a pocket universe created by Necrosword for short.

“All gods will die” this sentence tells us the true purpose of Gorr. If they work according to the comic book universe, Gorr loses his family because of the gods

and declares war on all the gods, trying to kill them one by one. This character motivation also alerted the name of the movie “Love and Thunder”.

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