Ryback has revealed a lot about WWE, in this web story you will get to know the whole truth.

Ryback has made huge revelations about WWE and has told him that Triple H and his team have emailed him and given him a chance to forget the old things and move forward.

Ryback is currently 41 years old and it is reported that WWE's lawyer sent him an email last year, In that email it was said that we want to repair the bad relationship again.

“I received a legal email from WWE lawyer Kurt Krasik. He sent this email to me in 2022, in which he said that Triple H and the new management want to forget the past and move forward.

Ryback Said:

Let us tell you that Kurt Krasik is the same person who was fighting the case against me in the Ryback trademark case. I won this case."

He also said:

If I was a bad person, I would be making new lies every time, so just think why are they trying to build a good relationship with me?

He wants to have a good relationship with me because I am telling everyone what WWE did to me after 2016.

They know that they are wrong and I will never tolerate their arbitrariness and I am not going to bow down before them. I am telling you all again that only truth will prevail.

we all know that was a very powerful wrestler in WWE history and he deserves the WWE title but due to WWE management he was so much frustrated and left WWE

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