In this web story, we will talk about Roman Reigns' contract signing and Smackdown return.

According to reports, Roman Reigns is going to be seen in Smackdown this week and his contract is going to be signed with LA Knight.

Roman Reigns tweeted a video with his return, in which he has given an important message and targeted his enemy.

Roman Reigns returned and started his storyline with LA Knight in SmackDown's Season Premium.

There was a very good segment between both the superstars, after which Roman speared Knight before the end of the show and made the show an event in one.

The company soon announced that the match between Roman Reigns and LA Knight would be held in the Crown Jewel 2023 live event.

And the title of the match here is going to be Roman Reigns's Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

While sharing a video with fans on social media, Roman Reigns has targeted LA Knight and said that the only megastar of the company is Roman Reigns. "The one and only MEGASTAR of  @WWE Your Tribal Chief. ☝🏽"

This week's Smackdown is going to be very special because Roman Reigns is going to return to this event.

also, he is going to face off with LA Knight because a very good moment will be created in this event.

The face-off that is going to happen is expected to be tremendous because when Roman Reigns was not there, LA Knight spoiled the condition of Bloodline in live events continuously for the last two weeks.

So if you are Good Fan of Roman Reigns then do not miss Next Smackdown where roman reigns will make his return and stay tuned for next upcoming update on only