We all are waiting for GTA IV and as Rockstar has already remastered GTA Trilogy so now we can expect GTA 4 is in the development stage of it's remastered version.

And if rumors are accurate and the RDR Remaster version was never canceled the sign of GTA IV master is likely still in development alongside it.

GTA 4 is the most anticipated project from the rockstar hope to see it come out eventually.

And if RDR ReMaster does well so it could be a higher chance of picking up GTA 4.

As we already know that previous all the GTA games except GTA IV have no proper graphics so it could be possible that Rockstar will Remaster that game.

Back in 2022 Rockstar launched the GTA Trilogy and removed the old version of each game but due to fan hate spread they bring back all old versions of the games.

What is your thought on GTA IV remaster version you can comment on our website page which will decide how many of you love GTA IV if GTA IV got remastered.