Neil Young wants to quit Spotify over Joe Rogan’s vaccine misinformation

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Neil Young demanded Spotify to remove all of its content from Spotify because of Joe Ragon’s vaccine’s misinformation in Podcasts about Vaccine.

Joe Ragon’s vaccine misinformation:

Joe Ragon is spreading false information about vaccines, he said in Podcasts that Young people don’t need vaccines

In Episode one Of His Podcast the Letter cited, he asks Dr. Robert Malone to come in his show and give people advice about vaccines, but they both men are telling that the vaccine is not for young people, and after taking the vaccine, the Covid patient will be in more risk,.

Dr. Robert Malone, is a virologist who worked on early research into the mRNA technology behind several Covid 19 Vaccines, but who is now critical for the treatments,

But we don’t know how a Docter can falsely claim about vaccines and promoting conspiracy theories.

Neil Young is not alone fighting with Joe Ragon’s misinformation, many people are discouraging his vaccine misinformation, Last month 270 Doctors, scientists, and Healthcare professionals have signed an open letter informing Spotify that Joe Ragon is spreading false information.

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