Marvel Elektra “Born to fight. Trained to kill”

Elektra – This character has a mindset of “no mercy” to other counterpart. In her early childhood. this character is gone through a lot of sufferings. you can relate to that with Hawkeye’s endgame character.

Elektra has expertise in Mix martial art and in her ninja-style fighting, using Sword Fighting and Dagger 🗡️ is a part of her arsenal.

Elektra has an unusual and weird relationship with Daredevil. She had made her last appearance in Marvel ” The defenders. Elektra presents herself always as a villain but in the same instance where Elektra act as a protagonist.

Elektra already feels the near-death experience, so Elektra does not have a fear of death. Elektra is laser-focused on her target.

Elektra has a strong relationship with XMEN, especially with Wolverine.

Theories related: She can appear in X-MEN’s next project or in Daredevil Season 4 or in the Marvel ECHO Web series.