Chroma Darkbringer is a Chroma gun that you will get from Mystery Box 2 or Through Trading

How to Get Chroma Darkbringer  

Chroma Darkbringer is a counterpart of the goldy gun under the name Darkbringer

As usual, this skin is also designed by IDontHaveAUse.

This Gun is part of a set with the chroma gun Chroma Lightbringer, making the Chroma Bringer Set.

If you notice this gun is not salvageable like other Chroma weapons in the crafting station.

Just like other chroma weapons this weapon was made during the duping glitch in 2021.

The cost of each mystery box 2 is 100 diamonds or 1000 coins. You can trade this item for a mystery key

There is no trading currency inside mm2. If you want to trade, you will have to exchange your item for another item

Trading Currency in MM2?