As TezFunz2 has posted on the GTA forums that GTA 6 will be launch in Holiday 2024. He's very big insider of the GTA games.

If you don't know what is holiday 2024 then it means in the USA last 2 months November and December called holiday season.

In this time in USA people are celebrating major functions and events so in this time they are free at the home so taking this advantage so many popular game companies are launching games

It has always been a habit of Rockstar Games that they delay the game, but even if this happens in any case, then this game will be kept in Early 2025.

Even if GTA 6 is delayed more than Holiday 2024, it cannot be pushed for more than two to four months. 

Tezfunz2 said that all the gaming companies are canceling work-from-home, and it is going to be mandatory for all the employees to work from office.

Tezfunz2 has also said that GTA 6 should be announced this year, which is quite true because if the game is coming in 2024, Rockstar Games should announce the game now.

Tezfunz2 said that Rockstar Games can cut the content of GTA 6, but they cannot delay the game more than 2025.  Jason schreier already said that previously when GTA 6 is released, it will not be such a big game, the storyline of that game will be carried forward by DLC.