GTA 6 Finally CONFIRMED By Rockstar | COMING This Year?

After waiting for the final 8 years 4 months and 18 days, Rockstar Games just announced GTA 6

Rockstar Games tweeted regarding GTA 6 so what it was I'm going to explain to you

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Rockstar Games created a section on What's New in the last paragraph of the official post of the enhanced version of GTA 5 and providing information about GTA 6 that they're working on.

Rockstar Games Said We Didn't Know GTA 5 Would Survive That Long & We Know You're Expecting GTA 6 From Us

And we always want that our next game is better than previous game, GTA 6 is under development now, we will definitely provide you new updates to share information about GTA 6 when we are ready

Many people here will be confused that Rockstar Games did not name GTA 6 here but instead named it New Entry in GTA Series World

Nothing to be afraid because Rockstar Games has always been using words like Next Installment or New Entry

A lot of people might be thinking that Rockstar Games is here to release a remastered version of GTA 4 or Liberty City.

But there has been talk of new entry in GTA series, so there cannot be any old game here.

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