We all know about Vice City Map will appear in GTA 6 but there are also one more map has been added in the game, for that you can check full story

So as per the previous information we know Miami is coming in GTA 6 but as per Twitter Matheusvictorbr-  leaker said when they added Brazil map in the Max payne 3 then rockstars games got very positive response.

Matheu said before the main story starts we expected to see Brazil 2003 map in the GTA 6. 

Leaker said he is 80% confident of Carcer city, VC, Cuba, Among others.

Carcer city is a part of Manhunt game and it can be a part of GTA 6 in the upcoming game of GTA.

We will expected to see female character in the GTA 6, It's almost confirm in the game.

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