You must be wondering who is in WWE who is going to join the company and you have come here for these questions. You will get complete information in the next slide that which Shane Mcmahon's son is going to join the company.

Shane McMahon's son is now going to step into the world and that is very good news coming out.

Declan is the elder son of Shane McMahon and he has never ruled out a wrestling journey. He has an interest in wrestling as per his last interview.

But now Declan plays in the football team of Indiana and he is the Star player on that team.

He is interested in wrestling because he came to Wrestlemania 32 with his father. He was also seen at the recent Fastlane 2023 when he was sitting among the fans.

"I'm not ruling out the possibility. I'd love to get in the ring, but it'll have to be seen what the story is at that time and what the opportunity is. The fans will love it and I think I'll be pretty good at it. "Not ruling out the possibility. Right now, I'm just focusing on football and school. It'll be interesting to see what happens in the future."

Declan Mcmahon Words:

Shane McMahon suddenly appeared at WrestleMania 39 and challenged The Miz.

If Shane McMahon's son reaches this position, then WWE's legacy will be greatly benefited because he will be the 3rd son who will now handle WWE.

Shane Mcmahon is the best Wrestler and we'll wish that his son perform the same on WWE or any other wrestling Community.

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