The long-awaited feature is finally available in Counter-Strike 2: Inspections Of Grenades

The newest map to appear in the limited beta for Valve's upcoming Counter-Strike 2 is another classic, Nuke. Dust 2 and Mirage already appeared in competitive mode. Where have all the automobiles gone?

The CS2 version of Office may be accessible in this mode. In addition to testing its new versions of the oldies, Valve has also opened up the casual playlist and been working to improve the already top-notch audio

The most recent release fixes a few audio problems, adds distance effects to all positional sound sources, and includes a "unique audio occlusion layer to help with vertical sound positioning in Nuke."

But the most significant change is the installation of a fresh animation. The player can now inspect their grenades for the first time in Counter-Strike history.

If you don't play Counter-Strike, you may check the weapons in-game by pressing the inspection button on the guns, knives, and gloves. The avatar will hold the weapon at various angles so you can admire the exquisite paint job.

This grenade inspection animation's clear conclusion is that Counter-Strike will probably eventually acquire grenade skins. I'm not sure what kind of artistic work can be done on such tiny objects, but what do We know? 

Skins are the lifeblood of CS:GO and CS2, so it makes sense to find new ways to create skins for the game's existing components.

Having said that, it's possible that the animation was only included to draw attention to the molotov cocktail's incredibly outstanding liquid animation. 

The notes also state that "improved inspect behaviour for various weapons" has been implemented by Valve, although after perusing some of my stock, We are not sure what that modification includes

We thought all of the animations I looked at were essentially the same. As someone who usually bounced up and down on the spot at the conclusion of warmup time, Valve's update that prevents players from jumping feels a bit harsh.