Finally, Call of Duty Modern Warfare III release date has been confirmed. As per the information this game will be released on the 10th of November 2023.

The official teaser release from by the Activision company and in that teaser you will get to see the popular character of Call of Duty just like Captain Price VS Makarov.

A voice-over in the game's teaser says "Never bury your enemies alive."

Words like the head of snakes have also been used in the teaser of this game.

According to earlier information, the developer was planning to expand the game to MW2 through DLC instead of releasing MW3.

If we talk about the weapons and operators of this game, they will be mentioned in the next episode.

In some recent reports, it was claimed that we will get to see two beta weekends in this game, during which we will get only 2 weeks to play this game and it will be tested live.

The price of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare game is going to be $69.99 Which is a very similar price as the previous games.