'Blistering 200 BPM' challenge mode and a 'not so tiny' secret are included in the latest Hi-Fi Rush version.

A rhythm-action brawler called Hi-Fi Rush was released in 2023 and made available on the same day by a horror studio. 

The most recent free update to the game, BPM Rush, adds two new modes: Easy and Normal, which boost the BPM of Chai's combinations and the enemy movesets by 200

Starting at maximum speed, EX Mode pits players against waves of difficult enemies whose damage rapidly rises between waves.

The second update, Power Up! Tower Up!, is a variation of the current Rhythm Tower in which players begin as a depowered Chai and select upgrades. Chai can be defeated over his normal max levels with the correct upgrades

Although players may need to be cautious of far-off foes because beam strikes can now deliver a lot more damage

Also, the update includes 40 new challenges spread throughout the new modes, cosmetics and costumes, incentives for using photos, sticker packs, and special attacks

Since February, Tango has introduced a photo mode, aid tools, and costume packs; this update is the biggest to the game since then.

The Evil Within 3 may happen, according to an Easter Egg in the game, therefore it offers a particular feature for completionists

However, no one knows what this is yet, and 200BPM immaculate parries may not be feasible very soon.