Kansas State’s Ayoka Lee Scored a High Record in Division I with 61 Points

Kansas State center Ayoka Lee just Broke a 35-Year-Old Record On 23 January Sunday, scoring 61 Points, The most in a Division I women's college

which lead her team victory by 94-65 clean victory over no 14 Oklahoma in Manhattan, Kam and if she had scored 5 points more that id 65, so her points is more than the whole team's points.

Ayoka Lee Division I Scoring Record:

It sounds crazy that a 6-foot-6 redshirt junior has told ESPN after the match, "I thought it was just going another Sunday"

The unranked Wildcats drafted no. 14 Sooner by 94-65 win, and Ayoka Lee treated the home game like the open gym.

Before Sunday Ayoka Lee Highest record was 43 Points only against Central Arkansas in November, and on this Sunday she proved himself by breaking the 35-year-old Record which is unbelievable, that a Junior girl can do that.

Her historic day also broke the record of Britney Griner's Big 12 single-gaming scoring record of 50 Points that was set in 2013, Additionally

Lee is the first player in program history to score at least 30 points in a single half; she did so in both halves.

"There's so much for her than the 61 Points and the 12 Rebounds," Mittie said. "But I sure Like That Part."