In this web story you will get to know 7 amazing secret facts of GTA V

Fact 1

If you play GTA V then in the game there are some Advertisement banners  on the roadside, Where you will find one advertisement banner as JS bonds so it is a reference of James Bond Which is a part of 007 franchise’s protagonist.

Fact 2

In GTA V’s strip club Sometimes you will get to see one NPC, who is wearing a blue jersey. And the last name of the character is Hopkins,  who is the protagonist of the Bully game.

Fact 3

If we talk about the total mission of the GTA V, then there are 69 missions in the game. So we don't exactly know the reference that why Rockstar game has added this number by intentionally on without intention.

Fact 4

Rockstars old Boss and lead Writer has said In the interview that GTA V script is 10000 pages longer. We can say by time the script will be increased.

Fact 5

GTA V’s characters represent rockstar’s different games Character just like Michael is represent Max Payne, Franklin is representing midnight club los angeles as he is young and a good driver as well, Traver is representing Manhunt as he is kindless.

Fact 6

GTA V’s logo might be inspire by 1995’s 5 Dollar, because it’s almost looks same.

Fact 7

In the previous GTA games we have a limited inventory, So we can just keep a few weapons in the inventory.  and GTA V is the second game after GTA advance we can keep every weapon in the inventory.