Rockstar games is removing Some of the best games for just promoting Remastered versions of the Original Games

So the First Game Was Vice City once Rockstar Games Removed this game from Stream Store for just Promoting the GTA Trilogy but now it's available

They also have removed GTA San Andreas and as well as GTA III

in the mobile devices they are still the original games is available right now but if they announce the definitely edition of the GTA games then there might be chance of the removing original version of the games

The second game is Bully, if you play this game on your latest Android devices then it's showing you the error that your device is not supporting and if you buy this game on your PC From the rockstar launcher or steam then it’s still hard to play this game.


GTA 4 is available on the PC devices but they have abandoned  the online multiplayer mode,  if you also think that  you want to play Vice city, San andreas, GTA IV and GTA III on the PlayStation 5 then it's not possible now.


Rockstar is going to remove the support of Red Dead Redemption 2,  that's the reason we are not getting the updates on the online version.


Total Overdose was the most popular game in the world wide,  and so many players are connected with this game but after  shutting down the total overdose studio, If you want to play this game then there is only one way to visit

Total Overdose

Resident Evil 4 has also the mobile version of the game, game was well made game, But today in 2023 people just forget about the mobile version of the Resident Evil 4,  but if you Want to play that game right now then it is not possible because it will not support by your phone as the latest processor will not support the game.

RE4 Mobile

If you are a fan of Harry Potter then you must know that  electronic arts has Launched the 8 parts of the Harry Potter games and it was well made games. But now if you want to download for purchase the game it is not available on steam, official EA website or

Harry Potter

So there are so many reasons that Gaming companies are removing the game from the official websites if you want to know the reasons then you can visit to get all the information

Reason for removing games