As per the latest news from the TezFunz2 Twitter 139k GTA Online players have played the first "Last Dose" mission today.

last dose is the latest online event of the GTA online series and Tez2 is the the best GTA series leaker ever. he has provided this information on his Twitter account. as you can see in the image.

As per the information in the 3 hours there are 54k New  players joined the game. so this game proves that game update is very important to maintain the players or Increase the players in the game.

If we talk about GTA Online series, then GTA Online every time bring with a new event and it will bring attention of other players who you didn't even play GTA Online games

So we can say the marketing part of the GTA games is very strong and they are making such an amazing trailers which blow every players mind

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