WandaVision Bash Episode 8 New Updates All You Need to Know

In this article, we are going to talk about WandaVision Bash. Whatever new updates have come out, we will try our best to explain it here. If you have not seen 7 episodes of the Wanda Vision series, then you should watch them first and then read this article.

WandaVision Bash What’s New

So you must be wondering now whether a new update has come out Wandavision Episode 8 Marvel let me tell you that it is being said Steve rogers has arrived. And there is something like a party going on inside which the vision has also come.

It is also being said that Tony Stark has also given his Grand Entrance inside the WandaVision Bash. And you wouldn’t believe Natasha Romanoff has also appeared in WandaVision Bash, so I’m wondering how excited this episode will be if you want to watch that episode, you can go to Disney+ and watch it.

And it is also being said that Disney + has crashed and does not know what is happening in the present day. I think people are so excited with this Wanda Vision Episode 8 to see that even the server of Disneyplus does not handle it.

And this episode 8 has a duration of 47 minutes. If I talk about now 26 February, then Disney + has crashed at this time, due to some reason, now that it will be fixed, then all the fans will be able to watch it on Disney +.

So at the moment, let’s see what is going to happen inside this season and I know that all of you fans are very excited to watch this episode and whenever an episode comes, I will give you the complete information here. You will enjoy that episode or not, we do not talk about any spoiler here.

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