Video Game Console (Global) market surpassed $50 Billion in 2020

As reported by, During 2020, there were many industries(Video Game Console) in which there was a lot of damage due to the pandemic of Covid-19, it was necessary to close many such shops and institutions.

Video Game Console Market Grown

Video Game Console

Global console market grew by 19% within 2020. From $ 45.2 billion to $ 53.2 billion. During which Sony was the market leader with 46% market share. During that time Nintendo was at number 2 with 31% share and Microsoft with 23%.

By the way, this situation has changed since 2019 as each console manufacturer’s market share shifted slightly. Sony’s market share was 49% in 2019 which means that it fell 3 points within 2020.

And if we talk about Microsoft, then it has fallen by one point. This means that Nintendo is the only manufacture that has grown. While Nintendo’s digital game business grew substantially in 2020 and Sony was the only brand that took digital sales to the top spot with 50% of all sales.

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Why this growth happened in Video Game Console?

While we can make some suggestion that this growth is due to Covid-19 due to which people lived indoors, as well as video game was a source that people were enjoying by playing indoors as well.

I can expect the market to grow even more in 2021 at $ 58.6 billion. It will be very interesting to see at what speed the market rises or falls.

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