The Story of Thor in Thor Love and Thunder Leaks

An Amazing theory is Breaking the Internet, Answering Most Fans questions for the Story of Thor in Thor Love and Thunder.

Thor Love and Thunder Leaks
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After the event of Endgame, All of us was curious what would be Thor’s next Destination, and which adventures are looking for Guardians and Thor in their ways. This amazing theory is answering most of our questions. So Here we Start,

The movie starts with the main Villian Gorr the God Butcher, killing a version of Thor in an Alternate Universe, and his left Mjolnir directly shoots off towards a Wormhole and Gorr Follows the Wormhole too. [Multiverse will play a big Factor in the Movie.]

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Gorr is in the Main, Earth 616 Universe. Gorr attacks on the Olympian (Greek) Gods and kills Zeus and several other Gods, some remaining minor Gods escape from there for their Survival. Gorr Attacks on Asgard, Kills Korg and quite a few Asgardians, Valkyrie is Severely wounded. Gorr leaves the place in Search of a God.

The Surviving Minor Gods come to team up with Thor to fight Gorr who easily Defeats them all. Thor get rescued by the Guardians with followed by Jane Foster holding Mjolnir (of Alternative Universe dead Thor) in her hands having all the powers of Thor.

Lady Sif who was sent on an icy planet by Loki, when Loki sent Odin to Earth and lived as a king of Asgard, also joins the Battle, Sif Sacrifices herself to Save Jane Foster. Everyone Escape.

Hercules also joins the survived Gods team, and there, we also witness a Fight scene between Thor and Hercules, both becoming Childish about their opinions. Drax bets on Hercules and Rocket bets on his Friend Thor.

Thor, Might Thor, Hercules, and Valkyrie all fight the Final Battle against Gorr and Gorr Escapes after the Final Defeat.

Thor decides to Stay with his people on Earth and invite other Greek Gods, Valkyrie remains the Queen having a Love Interest in a Female Greek God. Thor Stays with the Jane who were fighting against Cancer and Lives with Her.

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