The Last of Us Show will make some huge changes to the story

For those who are die hard fans of The Last of Us game, we have some surprise.

The Last of Us is in development from here on HBO based on the original PS3 game. It will be based on the PS3 game for the first-season season. In fact, some scenes will be such that it will be quite different from the original material. But what will get from it is still a mystery.

The Last of Us Show Changes

The Last of Us Show will make some huge changes to the story
Image Credit: IGN

Talking to IGN during SXSW 2021. Neil Druckmann who is the writer and creative director for both games and executive producing the show, has said that the action level within the show will be reduced. This is less necessary when there is no mechanic to teach. This allows writers to focus more in between characters’ dramas.

This is very long for a linear story-based game. We can easily say that the show will be over 20 hr. Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams said she wanted to play the role of Ellie in the movie adaptation.

it seems fine when she said this, but she has to play the role of a 14-year-old character but she is currently 23 years old. Pedro Pascal & Bella Ramsey both of them are cast of Game of thrones until now.

And let’s talk about Pascal’s No He’s Also Attracted Significant Attention for the Mandalorian role in the film.

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