Tekken 7 Season 3 buffs, Patch Note All Changes Overview 2020


Tekken 7 Season 3 Patch Note All Changes Overview 2020


Hi Guys Before going into individual character breakdowns of all the Season 3 changes, in this article, we’re going to examine the general direction of the balancing and some of the core underlying themes.

Tekken 7 Season 3 Patch Note All Changes Overview 2020
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First of all, many characters now have more rounded punishment options. Eddy and Negan now have -12f punishes from standing and crouch respectively, though Eddy’s one does have an issue, which we’ll get into later. Bryan can finally punish get up kicks properly and a strong new -13f punish from crouch, which makes sense for a defensive character. Josie can go into a Switch mix from -12f, while Hwoarang can go into Left Flamingoand Alisa into Destructive Form at -13f. Alisa also now has a powerful long-range launch punisher.

The Range On Their Primary Launch Punishes Extended in Tekken 7 Season 3

Speaking of which, certain characters have also had the range on their primary launch punishes extended. Claudio has a subtly longer hop kick, while Marduk and Hwoarang’s d/f+1 and b+3 respectively have a considerably longer range. Hwoarang’s b+3 is now basically equivalent to Noctis’s d/f+2, as one of the most effective whiffs and push back punishes in the entire game. Now, more than ever, mistakes and reckless play will be punished.

Faster Gameplay in the Tekken 7 Season 3

Many moves that previously ended in a knockdown, such as Lili’s qcf+3+4, now result in a ballerina spin. This marks a shift away from okizeme setups and towards aggressive standing mix-ups. On top of this, many keep out moves have been nerfed, whether it’s a reduction in combo damage from Miguel’s standing 4, increased whiff recovery with Steve’s b+1, or forcing the character to goin afterward as with Jin’s f+4.

On the other hand, the pressure is stronger across the board with many moves giving stronger advantages on hit and more plus frames on block. Overall, you’re now encouraged to play more aggressively, resulting in faster game flow. This should prove more exciting, both for players and spectators.

(Tekken 7 Season 3)

Devastating Combos in Tekken 7 Season 3

While there are overall less opportunities for combos than before, when you do actually land a launcher, IT HURTS. Combo damage and wall carry havebeen increased across the board. Many characters can now carry you wall-to-wall, Draganov being a prime example. And breaking 100 damage is not uncommon. Also, the $100 combo is now more like the $1 combo.


With perhaps the exception of Geese, who we’ll go into later, none of the characters have undergone a complete overhaul as Claudio or Leo did from Season 1 to Season 2 and the changes are overall more conservative. They mostly serve to refine and polish the direction taken in the Season 2 changes. For example, Alisa’s Destructive Formis now even more dangerous further encouraging players to use her more aggressively. Similarly, Chloe’s Back Turn stance has been further buffed with the + on block mid, and she’s also gained a ridiculous looking, but powerful, knockdown low.

Shaheen now finally feels like a complete character with many new pressure options that reinforce his focus on 50/50 and a methodical counter hit baiting and is now, THANKFULLY, far removed from the 4,1 repeating attack copter of 7.0.

(Tekken 7 Season 3)

More Buffs Than Nerfs in Tekken 7 Season 3

As with Season 2, due to the almost universally higher combo damage, stronger pressure and more consistent punishment, the majority of characters are now stronger. Even characters that are overall weaker have gained powerful new tools. So, before you get upset about a particular nerf, take a good long look at what the character has gained, both in Season 3 and Season 2, since as mentioned, many of the changes built on top of the previous patch.

Very often the developers are encouraging you to reassess how that character should be play Speaking of buffs and nerfs, after several, very long Twitch streams with input from the community, as well as tons of feedback from top players like Dinosaur and Fergus, we settled on this buff and nerf list. A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the stream. Your help was invaluable! When putting this list together, we considered many different factors.

For example, how much is frame data actually worth? Often quite a lot from a punishment perspective, often very little from a pressure perspective. Changing a move from -13f to -14f or vice versa is often quite significant depending on the matchup, of course. Changing a poke string from -1f to -3f, on the other hand, is generally not. You only need to see how little this affected Kazumi in Season 2. Properties often dictate utility more than frame data. Take Dragunov’s WR 2 and d+2, which made this very oppressive in Season 1 was the force crouch property on d+2 and the massively better tracking on WR 2, which was reduced in unlisted stealth nerf.

Season 1 WR 2 is still much better than the Season 3 version, despite it having slightly more frame advantage on block. These unlisted stealth changes make it quite challenging for us to assess how strong or weak the character is at such an early point in the release schedule.

(Tekken 7 Season 3)

Stealth Changes

Some examples at the moment seem to include Josie’s counter d+2 launcher, slight pushback nerfs to Heihachi’s f, f+2and Noctis’s d/b+1+2 Xiaoyu’s f+2, 1, 4 being made safe from -12f to -9f, a range reduction on Bryan’s Rage Drive, and an apparent tracking reduction on Kazumi’s WR 2 and Geese’s WR 1. How explicit these changes are also influencing how the community reacts. The range on Claudio’s hop kick, for example, was reportedly stealth nerfed from Season 1 to Season 2 and now simply seems to have been restored to its former self. However, by just looking at the official records, it would appear that his hop kick is now the best it’s ever been.

(Tekken 7 Season 3)

Significant Changes in Tekken 7 Season 3

In general, changes to bad moves aren’t worth much from a competitive standpoint if they still don’t make them worth using over other more useful ones. So, significant buffs and nerfs areoften those which open up or close off entire ways of playing characters. As mentioned, Shaheen canpressure in ways he couldn’t before. Josie’s d/f+1 string is far more flexible andintimidating, making her a much bigger threat up close. Lars can actually counter hit things now,completely shifting his risk/reward dynamic. This is why we consider these three charactersto be the most improved overall.

On the other hand, the three characters that we consider to be the most weakened have had entire elements of their game plan uprooted. Don’t confuse weakened with less interesting though, since very often pruning away at a particularly dominant strategy has allowed the rest of the character to shine through. For example, Steve. The most optimal way to play him in Season 1 and Season 2 was, unfortunately, mainly just about combining d/f+2 and b+1 with good movement. In Season 3, b+1 is now riskier on whiff and d/f+2 has far less damage potential, even with the best execution. The changes encourage players to use his full moveset, much to the benefit of the game overall. So, no more pocket top tier Steve. (Tekken 7 Season 3)

If you want to be successful with him, you’ll have to commit to learning all his options inside out.

Talking about Kazumi in Tekken 7 Season 3

Kazumi similarly received several major nerfs, but the biggest one by far is to her b+2 and 1+2, which no longer wall splat. In order to splat at the wall, Kazumi now has to gamble with d/f+1, 2 or 3, 1 and since so many characters now have powerful -13f punishments, this can be very risky. Not only has her entire wall game been shafted, but Kazumi’s ability to push to the wall is also weaker due to the aforementioned stealth nerf to the tracking on WR 2. In return, Kazumi has gained some interesting tiger mix-ups. Unfortunately, outside of her -12f punish, the moves that lead into this aren’t particularly good and the mix-up itself seems quite weak, especially given that RSS 1 is unsafe now. (Tekken 7 Season 3)

Despite these nerfs though, Kazumi’s core strengths remain untouched. She has some of the best Mishima tools without any of the executional requirements and incredible movement. For this reason, she’ll likely remain a frequent tournament presence. Though, perhaps not as dominating as before.

Talking about Geese in Tekken 7 Season 3

Perhaps, the most affected character though is Geese. Previously, he was a notoriously sticky, rush down character, who could hack away all day with incredible generics And almost always having enough meter in tow for a b+3, 2 to MAX cancel when he needed it. Now in Season 3, not only has his pressure and neutral been greatly weakened with slower recovery on many key moves, but his meter gain has also been drastically reduced, especially for taking damage. Here’s what he gets for damage equivalent to one life bar. (Tekken 7 Season 3)

Barely hitting 10%. If things go badly for Geese, he can now literally go an entire match without getting a single bar. On the other hand, thanks to his new move and buff to Deadly Rave, when he does have a meter, Geese now has unquestionably the highest damage output of the entire cast and this is in a game where combo damage has already been universally buffed. Geese can outright kill from a single touch now, but in order to land that killing touch, you’ll have to manage your meter effectively, as well as making a hard read or creating an opening with a well-timed sidestep. Like Steve, Geese is unquestionably weaker now, but far more interesting.

Suggestions I’m giving you for Tekken 7 Season 3

On the whole, we here at TBS really like the changes and direction of the balancing for Season 3. However, there are a few minor issues that we hope Bandai Namco will address soon. First of all, the meter gained disparity between Geese and Akuma is pretty hard to reconcile now. With Geese fighting for every scrap of meter, while Akuma has plenty to spare onFADC cancels and EX moves. The fact that he still retains his d+2to fireball cancel is also inconsistent and since this move covers so many bases: whiff punisher, crush tool, easy FADC cancel filler, we hope it’s removed. (Tekken 7 Season 3)

And for the meter gain between Akuma and Geese to be slightly drawn together. Eddy’s new -12f punisher is also punishable on hit, I repeat, on HIT by certain characters Rage Artsdue to the forced Handstand transition. This isn’t even the scary mix-up stunts, that’s Negativa. So there’s no reason they can’t just give Eddy tons of frame advantage after with a ballerina spin or flop stun. Miguel and Steve’s new lows are a bit lacking. Miguel’s one gives tons of advantage on hit and even leads to a full combo on counter hit, but it’s quite unsafe and very slow. Though, this is somewhat alleviated by the animation Steve’s one is a whopping -18f on the block, meaning every character, even Steve, can launch punish it.

The reward is pretty decent at+3f on hit and forcing crouch, making it especially scary near the wall with his new Right Weave 2 wall bounce, but it’s very slow to high crush and his other lows are so much safer than it’s generally not worth the risk. Considering both these characters came out quite a bit weaker in Season 3, we hope both these lows are made safer and a little bit faster. And if Steve’s one did something on a counter hit that would be nice, since that’s kind of his thing. Nina’s new WR 3, 4 seems to randomly whiff in certain combos, And since that seems to be its only intended purpose, we hope it’s fixed. (Tekken 7 Season 3)

Finally, there are a few questionable nerfs to characters who already didn’t have much of a tournament presence, and the missed opportunity to truly fix Gigas is a bit of a shame. Finally, this isn’t related to a specific character, but doing a back sway from a sidewalk is possible on the Player 1 side, but impossible on the Player 2 side. This is a very annoying bug that has persisted through several Tekkens and we hope it’s finally addressed soon In Season 2, Steve was arguably the best character.

At the time of making this article, we’re two weeks into Season 3 and many top players seem to agree that Akuma is now on top. Recent tournament results seem to confirm this Akuma didn’t receive any major buffs from Season 2, but he was already very strong and all the characters above him have been made weaker. The similar reasons: Bryan, Dragunov, Paul, King,Alisa and Julia are also looking quite formidable.

Regarding Akuma, while we don’t want to jump to conclusions and would rather Bandai Namcowait for the meta to evolve before making any drastic changes, we do believe that the suggested meter gain reduction and removal of the d+2 to fireball cancel would result in a healthier and more diverse tournament scene. On the whole, though, we believe that the Season 3 update is a triumph. Further leveling the playing fields on what was already a very balanced game. We can’t wait to see what Tekken 7 still has in store for us! Thanks for reading everyone. (Tekken 7 Season 3)


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