Brooks Koepka was filmed saying these words on the range at Austin Country Club to a reported group of autograph hunters at the WGC Match Play.

The first picture you were seeing is obtained and reported on by TMZ

He has said that he was "shutting down" when the group of people was asking for his signature.

In the 29-second clip, you can see Koepka walking to make his way off the range before turning around and addressing what we presume is an autograph seeker or a group of autograph seekers. 

The video comes from the range at Austin Country Club where Koepka, the World No. 20, was taking part in the WGC Match Play.

"I gotta work," Koepka, 31, says in the clip before adding. "I don't come to your job asking for your s--- do I? I don't think so". 

The narrator of the video recording can be heard saying: "Oh man, that's hardcore!" Another voice adds: "Go get 'em, baby!".

Koepka did in fact "get them" and he won his first match against South Africa's Eric van Rooyen 3&2.

TMZ further reported that Koepka may have been using a line from the golf movie "Tin Cup" about an aimless golf prodigy who hits the big time. 

Though the line in that film is: "I'm working here. This is my office. Do I come to your office and ask you for your autograph? I don't think so."