Spider-Man’s Tangled World (Fan Fiction) Part 2

Peter: What’s this place looks like New York City. Where must be Green Goblin, ohh! man my head I feel like I’m spinning…

|Spider-man gets black out and falls on the ground|

The same universe where ANDREW GARFIELD AS PETER PARKER AKA SPIDER-MAN fight with Rhino Steel

Peter (Andrew): You can’t destroy my city until I’m alive you have to beat me to get control over my city…
(Spider-Man uses a web shot and lock up Rhino Steel he’s about to kill him but Green Goblin rescues him from Spider-Man’s cage with his smoke boom and they both escape.

Peter (Andrew): Ohh! no no no what’s that a where is Rhino who took him |Later at night while patrolling city…| Peter Parker finds Peter Parker (Tobey)

Peter (Andrew): Wow I’m too famous now adults are also copying my suit. But why he’s dozed off.
Andrew (PETER PARKER 2): Hey!!! Are you okay?
TOBEY (PETER PARKER 1): Yes!!! (SHOCK) Who are you? Where am I? Why did you wear my suit… it’s too dangerous to copy a Spider-Man, you are risking your life.
Peter (Andrew): Relax! Relax you are copying me I’m Spider-Man…
Peter (Tobey): No I’m Spider-Man… But where am I??…

Peter (Andrew): I think you had a hangover just relax take care good bye. I have lots of work to do I have to make my city save.
Next day Peter (Tobey) sees Rhino Steel
Peter (Tobey): I don’t know who are you? But I’m definitely going to defeat you.
|Peter (Andrew) Sees what Peter (Tobey) use his web shoot and took Rhino Steel into his cage he felt shocked but Rhino Steel run from the cage witch smoke boom|

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Peter (Andrew): You are Spiderman and I’m Spider-Man too how’s that possible?
Peter (Tobey): What do you mean, by you are Spider-Man too?
|Peter (Andrew) uses his web shooter to prove…|
|In Peter Parker’s (Andrew) room|

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Peter (Tobey): I’m confused I just enter from some gate and now I’m here I don’t know what’s going on.

Peter (Andrew): Ohh! So you enter from some gate I see I think it’s a gate of dimensional universe.
Peter (Tobey): Maybe because I was following Green Goblin who is about to destroy New York city and he made some gate and now I’m here.
Peter (Andrew): I’m glade you are here now we both will defeat them and found some way for you to go home.
Peter (Tobey): Yes we will!!!
Green Goblin: I said you not to fight now, why did you disobey me??
Rhino steel: I’m the in-charge in my world hell Yaa! You are my slave you have to obey me…

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(Somewhere in parallel universe) TOM HOLLAND AS PETER PARKER AKA SPIDER-MAN

Peter: Are you all right Dr. Strange? Is everything fine???

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Dr. Strange: No nothing is fine, someone just open door for parallel universe and they are about to destroy the New York City…

SCARLET WITCH: What do you mean Dr. Strange, is there something unexpected happened?

Dr. Strange: Yes something that shouldn’t be happened Wanda I need your Power too to open the gate

Wanda: Yes for sure.

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|They both together open the gate|

What is going to happen in next part guys are you interesting what is going to happen next and final part, do make comments and share the story… Guys we need your support and love…



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