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Sims 4 Write Song | How to Write Song in Sims 4

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So today we will talk about sims 4 write song, sims 3 vs sims 4, how to rotate items in sims 4 & sims 4 cow plant. And here we will give such a good explanation on how to write a song in sims 4. There are some options inside Sims 4, with the help of which you can write any song and how I bring that option, I am going to tell you today, then you can write Easy Song inside sims 4.

Sims 4 Write Song | How to Write Song in Sims 4
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How to Sims 4 Write Song

At first you would need level 8 inside the guitar. And even if you have to sing, you must be level 8. If you do not have Level 8, then you cannot do sims 4 write song. So let’s see how we can write the song inside sims 4. So you have to click on the first guitar and after that you will see some options.

Like sing songs, write lyrics, more choices, and lots of options will be seen. So let’s understand this step by step.

  1. First, you have to click on Guitar.
  2. Then you will get to see many options such as sing songs, write lyrics, more choices.
  3. So one of the options will be to write song, then you have to click on it.
  4. In it, you will find three options such as a relaxed rhythm, A Plucky Tune, and A Mournful Lament.
  5. So you have to choose any option as I do now A Relaxed Rhythm.

What will happen after that, that he will be played and when he stops singing, you can Name your New Song. After that the Sims 4 write song is complete.

Now that your song has been made inside Sims 4, you can now license your song. You must have known that if you want to write a song, then you have to be level 8 and if you have to give a song license, then you have to be level 9.

Let me quickly tell you the steps, how you can license the lyrics of any song or how to license a song.

  • First, you have to click above this black color box, where you can license your song.
  • Then you have to click on the license lyrics option.
  • After clicking on it, you have to click above the microphone option.
  • Then there you will show the song you wrote, then you have to click on it.

Right now, we have sent lyrics of the same song for licensing, if you have to make similar guitar pianos or tunes of many different instruments and send them for license, then you can do that too if you If you want to know about it, then you can tell us in the comments, we will also tell you about it.

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What is Sims 4?

Image source: The Sims

We all love to travel and there are many places where we feel like going, then Sims 4 is such a virtual world in which you can do all this. Here you can have many activity speakers such as playing guitar, playing guitar, playing piano, traveling, joking around with friends. Within this you can also do Sims 4 Write Song.

Image source: The Sims

Within this game, you can also do a special thing, such as here you can also make many friends worldwide. And I like this thing very much within the game, you can do many things with them, you can share your experience in it. And you can think that if someone does not want to be a friend, then he can get a good friend here with whom he can play the game together.

Image source: The Sims

I think inside this game you can do all the things that you have to do in the real world, so if you are bored at home then you must try this game because this game is very fun.

Hello all readers, so now I am going to talk about the game sims, here we will cover 3 more topics sims 3 vs sims 4, How to rotate items in sims 4, and sims 4 cow plant. So wasting time let’s begin with the comparison of sims 3 vs sims 4.
let’s compare both games.


🔵 Open world: let me clear you first, sims 3 is the only game of the franchise that contains “Open World”. This game allows players to have a world tour, I mean you can travel all throughout the world map.

🔵Open world: sims 4 not contain an open world. Sims 4 never allow you to travel the world. You can only walk to your neighborhood. This is the only play to walk.

🔴More lots per world, and you can place them wherever: In sims 3 you can have many places you’d like, you can have a crowded world. here you have the option to have 170 lots in your world.

🔴Sims 4 have very few maps. The biggest world in this game is san myshuno( city living expansions pack) which has 30 lots, and the smallest is Hollow (from the vampire game pack) with just 5 lots.

How to rotate items in sims 4

🔸 Alright now we are taking our next topic which is how to rotate items in sims 4, so, obviously, you want to build something, like residence, building, etc. So there are two methods basically, in build mode. Click on any object you liked which is already placed, now you have to take it on your cursor hand from catalogue.

The easiest method to rotate an object is to click left and hold at the point you want to place the object and by holding the object you can click left and move the mouse around to make the object turn to face your cursor.
Another method to rotate the items is simply on your keyboard press eighter the comma and period keys to rotate it clockwise or anticlockwise.

How to get Sims 4 cow plant

▪️ now the last topic is how to get a cow plant in sims 4 so, basically, There are four ways to acquire a cow plant in sims 4, which are Fishing, Digging, Exploring Space, and Grafting. but from all this, I would like to recommend you to go fishing because I believe the lakes in Willow Creek are the best for this.

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Then you grow it like a normal plant and then the cow plant arrives. You have to feed it when necessary or it will die. If your sim eats the cow plant cake TWICE they will die. Once is fine.

I hope you liked this sims 4 write song, sims 3 vs sims 4, how to rotate items in sims 4 & sims 4 cow plan topic. If you need more updates of sims game or want to know something about it, then you can visit our website. And if you have not subscribed to our website then why are you thinking that you can subscribe to it.

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