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Shinigami Ryuk Death Note God of Death Wiki



If you also want to know about Shinigami Ryuk Death Note God of Death, then you have come to the right place, you will get all its related information here.

Who is Ryuk Death Note?

Ryuk is a Shinigami, he has a Death Note that falls down to earth. Then Light Yagami finds the fallen “Death Note”. He’s Strange and He Likes Apples. Throughout the Death Note series, he is obligated to follow Light everywhere.

Super NameRyuk
Real NameRyuk
God of death
Death God
CreatorsTsugumi Ohba Takeshi Obata
Character TypeGod/Eternal
Gender Male
First AppearanceWeekly Shonen Jump #1748 – No. 36, 2003
Appears in115 issues
Phasing / Ghost
Power Item
Darkforce Manipulation
Death Touch
Divine Powers

Origin of Ryuk (Death Note)

When the “Death Note” falls on Earth from Ryuk’s hands, then the Deathnote Light Yagami takes over. Light Yagami Spends 6 Years Declaring He Is The God Of Death Kira. After that many agents go after Light and try to find him. Those who are looking for the light come L and Near.

Multiple Times Polis and Light Discover Ryuk’s Statement That’s Absolutely True “someday I will write you in my Death Note” Light found himself a victim of the Shinigami he thought to be his ally, Ryuk.

Ryuk is very fond of eating apples and has to retreat if he does not eat apples for a long time. No hint was given in Death Note why he likes apples why he loves apples so much but he cares.

Who Creates Ryuk?

Ryuk was created by writer Tsugumi Ohba. and artist Takeshi Obata for the Death Note books. Shinigami Ryuk is the god of death. He has a Death Note. Ryuk was considered to be more attractive looking youthful and essentially a dark-haired mirror of light.

However, his development in the process of a creative approach has seen him increasingly monstrous, which is why he is meant to look somewhat like a rockstar. If you’ve ever seen Ryuk, you’ll know that he’s dressed in a punk style that makes him look like a terrifying monster. Another thought I had looked around while creating the character and was that he might have been wearing a mask. So that it looks like a more attractive face can be hidden beneath.

Power and Abilities of Ryuk

If we talk about Ryuk, he can live for a long time, at the same time his ability is that he can fly too. Ryuk is a Shinigami. Although his powers are somewhat ambiguous, by virtue of being a death god, it’s reasonable to assume he has great supernatural power. He can not be harmed by conventional human weapons.

Who is Shinigamis?

First of all the question comes that Who is Shinigamis? We were shown Shinigami inside the Death Note series, but we were not given much information about them, but many people want to know who is Shinigami, after all, so let me tell you that Shinigami is the God of Death.

Come on, you have come to know that God of Death means Shinigami in Japanese. We got to know about these people inside the Death Note series, but do you know that shinigamis increase their lives by killing humans. But don’t you think that if any human dies inside the Death Note series, then only the Shinigamis are behind it.

A human can die just like normal people die, but the human who dies like this doesn’t even get that much attention from Shinigamis. The reason why Shinigami kill any human is to increase their life. Every Shinigami looks a little different from the other Shinigami, their body shape is also different from each other, And every Shinigami must have a Death Note and also have wings with which they can fly.

Nature and Ability

Each God of Death has a different personality and intelligence level, and the writing of each Shinigami is different from other Shinigami. If the Shinigami kill someone, the Shinigami get whatever life they have. The Shinigami can even save some of the human beings that they love, but doing so can kill them too.

I hope you enjoyed knowing about Ryuk Death Note and cleared many of your doubts. And if you want to know about similar interesting topics, then you can visit our website again and you can also subscribe to our website.

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