Risk Of Rain 2 Sells 4 Million On Steam Alone All You Need to Know

Popular roguelike Risk of Rain 2 has recorded a New Milestone. Its developer has revealed that the game has sold 4 million copies via PC Stream Alone. This achievement comes without PlayStation 4, Xbox one, switch, stadia sales.

Risk Of Rain 2 Sells 4 Million On Steam Alone

And with this, the developer has also noted that 88% of the players have played this game for more than 1 hour. And 57% of the people have investing more than 10 hours within this game.

News is coming out that the free anniversary update is going to be released on March 25. 88 new lore entries are going to be added inside it.

Hopoo wrote in an update on Steam Post that working on the bandit game has been very fun and rewarding for us. The modded version in Risk of Rain 2’s modding community was prepared only when Bandit ever since this survivor was discovered.

We know that trapped bandit has always been a favorite to eliminate their own and add ideas. and so we have implemented our Bandit as a separate survivor from the modded Bandit, in order to preserve community-made Bandit mods,” the developer explained.

About Risk Of Rain 2

  • If we talk about this game, then within this game you get to see very good graphics.
  • And here you will get to see a lot of characters whose ability is different.
  • This is a multiplayer game that people like very much these days and it is also an online game that you can buy on Steam.
  • This game is currently on sale on Steam because it has crossed 4 million inside only a single platform.
  • In this game, you will see a lot of characters from one place to another, which is their ability.

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