PUBG Mobile India Trailer Fake or Real? Release Date


The PUBG Mobile India trailer is getting very viral right now, is it real or is it about to throw it, we are going to do the entire detail in full detail today.


PUBG Mobile India Trailer Fake or Real?

Here below you can see the trailer of PUBG Mobile India which is very trending nowadays.

Source: Youtube

The trailer that you are getting to see here and it is full HD and such a trailer can be made by PUBG Mobile only. But let me tell you one thing that this trailer is not from PUBG Mobile India.

This video was published inside Twitter by PUBG Mobile ESports. And someone made this video viral by calling it the PUBG Mobile India trailer.

I want to tell you straight away that this video is absolutely fake and many more people will continue to make such fake videos. So you have to keep in mind that the video launched by PUBG Mobile Office is considered real.

PUBG Mobile India Release Date?

So I already told you that a conference is going on here which is going to be from March 1 to March 12 and today is March 12.

And as soon as this conference is over, after that there will be a meeting between gov and krafton and I also told you the date of the meeting which was coming out 17 March or 18 March.

I also told you here that 99% is confirmed and 1% cannot be said, so we go on assuming that on March 17 or 18 we can assume that they will have a meeting.

If all is shot out between the gov and krafton, then we are going to see the official trailer of PUBG Mobile India on 25th March. And by 29th March, we can get to see PUBG Mobile India.

And you already know that the head of krafton Hyunil sohn is in India right now and his photo is becoming very viral. Krafton Invests 164 Crore Inside Nodwin Gaming. So we can say that their meeting is going to happen soon.

But let me tell you one thing that if nothing is confirmed so do not consider it as 100% confirmed.

But as soon as some new update comes out, I will definitely share with you what your point of view is about this trailer and about the release date, you must tell us in the comment.

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