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So inside this article, we will tell you today PUBG News that some officials of PUBG Mobile had given an expected date of PUBG Mobile which was 15 February. So today it is 15 February so whether today we can get some updates from PUBG Mobile or not. So today these are the ones to tell inside this article.


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So some PUBG news has come out here that PUBG India is going to be launched in India under some other name. And 17 February has become a very big date that PUBG Mobile officials will give us an announcement about PUBG Mobile.

So inside this article, I will tell you what you are going to see on February 17 and many influencers are saying on social media that we will be seen inside the PUBG Mobile India March. So we’ll talk about that. So inside an application that is named Tap Tap, inside it we have been told by some of its officials that between 15 February and 1 March, we may get an announcement.

So today is the 15th of February, so today we are not going to see anything from PUBG Mobile. they said that from 15 February to 1 March, we may get to see something and it has just started.

What will Happen on 17 Feb.

if we are talking about a lot of influencers and a lot of people are saying that we will get to see something on February 17, then let me tell you one thing exactly what is going to happen. Who uploaded the video on YouTube about 17 February, if he uploaded it, then it will be real or it may be that is the date of maintenance of PUBG Mobile We can’t say anything about it.

I think we are not going to see an announcement from PUBG Mobile so soon. So what do you think about February 17, please tell us in the comments?

PUBG Mobile India Early Access Launch Date Officially Confirmed

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Will PUBG Mobile launch in March?

I have told you that we are not going to see any announcement so soon. And many influencers are also saying that we will get to see PUBG Mobile within March.

And I have huge proof that we will be able to confirm that we are going to see the PUBG mobile game in March. Below this video, you can see that we see an emote here which is bhangra emote.

Credit: YT

So this emote is going to be seen in season 18. So if we get to see this Emote within season 18, then you can imagine that there are some plans for PUBG Mobile India too.

And if we get to see the season within March 18, then this emote will be seen within season 18, then it will probably be launched for the PUBG Mobile Indian version too. So maybe we get to see PUBG Mobile in March in India.

I think we will get to see PUBG Mobile India within March, but if not, then we can get to see PUBG Mobile 2.0. But big influencers are saying that if we can get to see PUBG mobile within March, then this thing cannot be wrong either.

So whatever, after a lot of information is coming out from the latter of PUBG Mobile and if any further update comes out, I will definitely tell you, so stay connected with us and this article with your friend too. If you share it, then you will also know what is going on about PUBG Mobile India

So I hope that you will be very happy to know what is PUBG news and if you need an update on PUBG news then you can visit our website again. Let us tell you about many games here, if you want to know about any game, then you must tell us in the comments, we will definitely bring that article for you.


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