PUBG Mobile India Launch Government Plan 2021


In this article, we will tell you how Government will support PUBG Mobile India and when is its launch date. We are going to talk about all the updates that have come from the PUBG Mobile. And on this website, you will get all kinds of updates on PUBG Mobile India.

PUBG Mobile India

Government Plan for PUBG Mobile India

Right now we are going to talk about India Gaming Conference 2021. So here they are talking about how they can promote gaming in India even further. Because of which the gaming industry can reach further success in India as well.

So they are getting support from the Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Government of India. Here they are getting the support of the entire government, here they can hold a meeting in which they can talk about how these people can promote e sports inside India.

And he wants to make such a game that he can challenge all the games at the world level. This conference was started on the First of March and it is going till March 12. Here they start the conference anytime, if you want to watch their YouTube channel (Confederation of Indian Industry), then you can watch.

We recently got to see a meeting of Prakash Javadekar in which he said that we will make a game for India which can challenge all the games all over the world wide. So that’s why they are probably running this conference here.

We do not know exactly when PUBG Mobile India is going to be released inside India but we can say that it may be launched soon. 16.4% share of Tencent is inside Krafton, so maybe that’s why we are not getting to see it in PUBG Mobile India right now.

Right now, no one knows what exactly is the reason that government is not allowing to the PUBG Mobile India. You had come out with so many details, I have told you all of them here, if you want to know more about it, then you can visit our website again.


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