PUBG Mobile India 17 Feb Date | Playstore Launch Date Confirmed


In this article, we are going to tell you PUBG Mobile India 17 Feb Date is real or fake and Play Store, it is all confirmed or not, we will tell you today.


PUBG Mobile India 17 Feb Date

So yesterday I wrote an article on February 12, in which I had told that someone has gone over the official website of PUBG or found out that PUBG is going to do some big announcement on February 17. We wrote an article about the launch date of PUBG Mobile India early access.

So many people said that the person who has found this date has modified something on that website. And someone has edited that website and that date is fake. So I am going to tell you that it is absolutely real, there is no editing done in it. And I’m going to tell you all these things with proof.

Above the official website of PUBG Mobile India, we have seen the APK of PUBG Mobile which is currently locked. As soon as we decrypt that APK we get to see a bunker. As soon as we open that Bunker we get to see the new Karakin map. The map that we are going to see in the update of Next PUBG Mobile.

17 Feb Date is Real or Fake

So today, I will tell you that the 17 February date which came out on the official website of PUBG is real or fake.

Credit: ZeroSprayGaming

First of all, I want to tell you one thing that whenever you click on inspect and edit anything inside the website and look back at it, it looks the same as what you have edited.

If you reload the website after that, then whatever you have edited, that thing gets deleted by going to the inspection, then in this video you can see that before showing the complete procedure, this person is who had previously reloaded the website.

So even after reloading the website, if we did not remove the 17 February, then we can say that it was absolutely real. So what you have to say about this, you must tell us in the comment.

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