PUBG India Server Launch & Big Announcements


So today I am going to tell you that PUBG India server has been launched and with that, I will tell you today a lot of information related to PUBG mobile. So if you want to know all these details then you can read this article on our website. Inside this, we have covered a lot of things.

PUBG India Server Launch

PUBG India Server Launch

Today I will tell you why I am saying that the server of PUBG India has been launched. If you do not know, then let me tell you that there is an application that you will use, then you will find out which server the PUBG game is using. So what is that application? Let me share with you.

So you can download the APK Parser application from the Play Store. Let me tell you one thing that this APP is not for iOS device. When you open that application, you have to select PUBG and after that, you have to click on the section of files, then what will happen is that you will get to see many files.

So from all those files, you have to click on the file of the assets. So there you will see two files where India is written. So that’s the server of PUBG India. And let me tell you one thing that you see here in Singapore is the server of Tencent. So you must be aware that previously Tencent’s server was in China and now Tencent’s server is in Singapore.

So here India’s server has come here, so this is very good news for us. So you must be thinking what is APK Parser, let me tell you that here you can change the logo or a lot of things inside the game. By using APK Parser and all the files of the game, it shows all.

So I hope you got to know something new from all this information. If you want any information related to PUBG, you can visit our website again or you can subscribe to our website, then you will get all the notifications.


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