The Old Fortnite Map Is Coming Back | Fortnite Season 1 Map

hello, guys in this article I will cover the Old Fortnite map, and I will also cover the Fortnite Season 1 Map, give you proof that the old map is coming so without wasting time let’s start.

Old Fortnite Map
Image Source: Youtube

Proof The Old Fortnite Map Is Coming Back

as you know the old map is coming back to Fortnite and this is not up for discussion this is literally where the storyline is headed and i am gonna get right into it the zero points being unstable completely messed up the loop in Fortnite and that’s why there is not just one theme for season five.

Flush factory Fortnite

we are seeing the Mandalorian we are seeing gladiators we are seeing old locations from chapter one in chapter two-season five starting with flush factory look at it’s like it never left it’s exactly how we left it and this is only one of many locations that are coming back from chapter one.

Fortnite Season 1 Map
Image Source: Youtube

This leads us to believe that the old map is eventually going to come back to Fortnite now this can happen this season this can happen over the next couple of seasons but one thing is for sure time is messed up in fortnight and the old locations are returning.

The Viking ship Fortnite

Fortnite Season 1 Map
Image Source: Youtube

The Viking ship is also back in season five now this right on top of the store next to holly hedges and it is literally just lodged in the roof of the sotre now I don’t remember what season this is from I have been playing for so long I just lost count and track of all the seasons.

Fortnite Season 1 Map
Image Source: Youtube

But I will throw up a picture on screen here to jog your memory it used to be right on top of a waterfall actually hanging over a waterfall and now we are seeing it again in season five so this goes to show just how messed uptime is in season five and things just keep getting weirder and it gets even weirder.

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Durr Burger Building Fortnite

Fortnite Season 1 Map
Image Source: Youtube

We got the whole entire Durr burger building back straight from greasy grove and this goes to show that even though we are in chapter two of Fortnite the possibilities are endless and we can still see chapter one locations old Fortnite map at any given moment and this one is a perfect example.

To find the durburger building all you need to do is go right next to weeping woods to the log jam shed and there it is the der burger building just randomly sitting there and by now you should definitely see something weired is going on in season five.

And if this is happening right now then i dont see why we should not expect more old loacations and may be even the old Fortnite map coming either later this season or later this chapter but this is not even the best one.

Salty Tower Fortnite

arguably one of the best one of the most nostalgic locations ever in Fortnite battle royal is back in chapter two with a little bit of a different name this location is called salty tower because tilted landed right in the middle of salty springs now we have half of the salty springs and half of the tilted towers hence the name salty towers.

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Now what did we get back exactly well we got the clock tower we got big bertha and we got the noms building here an overlook of brand new location it’s really interesting to see the two most iconic locations tilted towers and salty springs mashed up into one location but again this just goes to show anything can happen.

I mean whatever happened with the zero point is really messing with the map with that being said we are gonna move on to the final location that appeared in season five from chapter one i did not do a thanos snap here so dont come from my neck.

Tomato Town Fortnite

Image Source: Youtube

The final location is tomato town if you guys remember tomato town from chapter one it was next to whaling woods at the below right of the map right next to like an underground tunnel and now the building is back right next to the colossal coliseum in season five.

there is even a tomato head npc inside of tomato town that you can use to do bounties a quest and even upgrade a weapon if you think a little deeper and you are not too consumed by the excitement and the nostalgia of there old Fortnite map locations returning.

you will realize that it makes no sense for these old locations to be here for no reason this is a map of both the chapter one and chapter two map stacked on top of each other and you can see that every single old location is showed you in this article are exactly where they were in chapter.

Image Source: Youtube

one so it is not even like they are just putting in old locations just to excite the fans or to give people something to be excited or nostalgic about they are appearing exactly where they used to appear in their exact locations.

The maps are coming together the maps are merging and this leaves a very very huge possibility of the entire old map coming back which is what everyone wants I have not seen anyone talk about this yet everyone just so excited over the new battle pass and the new locations but I wanted to be the first to talk about this because this is freaking huge.

Fortnite Season 1 Map

now let me talk about the Fortnite season 1 map, so in this game, there is a map changing season to seasons. I will only talk about the Fortnite season 1 map. this map started on 12th September 2017 here you can see all the locations below.

  • the pleasant park anarchy acres
  • wailing woods
  • tomato town
  • loot lake
  • retail row
  • lonely lodge
  • dusty depat
  • greasy grove
  • salty springs
  • fatal fields
  • moslty mire
  • flush factory

The Fortnite season 1 map is probably a chance to come back. we can wait only for what will happen in the future.

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