New PUBG Character Andy & All PUBG Characters Everything You Need to Know


Hello guys how are you all, if you are looking for New PUBG character Andy in detail then you are at the right place. today I’ll tell you about the four main PUBG characters which are VICTOR, SARA. CARLO and ANDY in detail. And we share details about many more games here, if you want the details of all those games too, then you can visit our website so let’s begin.

Credit: PUBG

we know that how much freedom we feel when we play this game, so for more attraction PUBG updates their all characters when people getting bored but it doesn’t mean that the old characters will replace their places. no it means after updating we can see the looks of characters like their haircut, dressing sense, etc. so i am going to tell you in detail about all the characters so let’s get started. first, we will start with victor, I am starting from victor because this is the only character who was taken first, and also it is free to use. I will recommend you to make it upgrade or not so let’s begin.

PUBG Character Andy

PUBG Character Andy
Credit: PUBG

first, we start with the look of Andy so Andy looks too mature, he had a beard on his face, having stylish hair, and an attractive personality. The outfit of Andy is alluring and it looks good to him because of his facial expression and french beard.

PUBG Character Andy
Credit: PUBG

alright now let see the emotes of Andy so here are 5 emotes first is hand stand, second is crossec dance, third is pretend to be hit fourth is improvision emote and last is a puppet show, now in MVP emote andy using puppet. let see the ability of andy we can see the extreme speed ability of andy mean you can switch any gun fastly. so last if talk about his voice we hear the uniqueness in his voice. that makes him perfectly amazing.

PUBG Character Carlo

Credit: PUBG

let we started Carlo with its look so, Carlo look is very simple. simple streight hair, no beard. The outfit of Carlo is blue as you can see and it looking good to him. now talk about emote you can see here 4 emotes first is check to emote, second is ponder, third is thronate and fourt is joy. now the MVP emote is very rare and attractive which is too good also he is using kar98.

alright, now we check the ability of Carlo so the first ability is lighting leap this ability means when we jump from a height we get very less damage I think this is useless after updates. last, now we talk about a voice so his voice is sharp to hear that is good.

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PUBG Character Sara

Credit: PUBG

when you go to your character section you will see the UC unlock the sara character but I am going to tell you that how you can use this PUBG character for free. so for free, you have to come to the event section as you see their nuts. you have to collect all the nuts like login nuts, traveling nuts, etc unlock and get them. after collecting all the nuts. you can see the survival board just click on the board. now you can see the new page now get ready for a free voucher.

just redeem the nuts you will start to get a voucher. you can daily get nuts by completing the mission. now after getting the needed voucher you can unlock Sara character. when you unlock Sara first time you will see the three things which are her hairstyle, outfit, and Sara PUBG character. so guys you can use Sara character for free this way.

PUBG Character Victor

Credit: PUBG

As we can see that there are four outfits is available and only the first outfit is free to use. you can check all the outfit and can see that their only clothes are added to the victor and look like harry potter.
all the voice messages will unlock time after time. when we click on more we will see the different packs. you can increase your victor level, I’ll tell you how and in pack two you will get two sound. gradually in last, you will able to get an MVP showcase.

Now I am telling you how you can increase your victor level, so you have to play with this character only, remember this. you also have to use your EXP card and after this, your victor level will start to increase.

Some information about PUBG

So first let’s talk about what is the full form of PUBG, full form of PUBG is Player Unknown Battlegrounds. Or there is a Battle Royal game in which you will be given a map, on top of which you will have to fight with a lot of players and whoever survives in the last gets a chicken dinner. The first game of PUBG came on the PC but it was not so popular on the PC but when those people took out its mobile version, it became so popular that every child in every house was playing that game.

Seeing PUBG becoming very popular, its developers soon started running updates within it. And people started to like PUBG very much, if I talk about myself, then I have also been a big fan of PUBG. Within PUBG, you will get to see a lot of Servers, you can join in any Servers and play that game. In PUBG, you will get lots of guns, you will get lots of cars, you can use them and your gaming experience will be very good. Above we have talked about PUBG Character, you can read it.

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