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Apex Legends Season 12

New Apex Legends Crypto Heirloom Season 12



Crypto heirloom

In this post we are going to talk about New Apex Legends Crypto’s Heirloom If you are interested to know about it, then you read this post completely, here we are going to give you a lot of information related to it.

Latest Updates of Apex Legends Crypto Heirloom

Here you can see below the new Crypto heirloom which is found by data miner Shrugtal.

Via Shrugtal

You can see here what is the animation of Crypto’s heirloom and we have got to see what we expected, here we have got to see a samurai-type sword which looks like Crypto’s drone and looks very sharp and beautiful.

Old Updates of Crypto’s Heirloom

If we talk about Crypto Heirloom then we will get to see it in season 12. He will get a sword which looks very nice and suits his character. You can see in the video below that he has a sword in his hand, which is currently in progress and the data-miners have been found inside the game file.

Crypto Season 3 Came In and After 9 Season It’s Getting Its Heirloom. If we have any information related to this, then we will definitely share it with you.

Crypto Abilities

  • if we talk about Crypto then Crypto have his drone which he can use to find Enemies. Drone is very important to Mark enemy and team mates can kill them easily.
  • We can scan the banner with the help of drone and find out whether we have any enemy squad or not.
  • Simultaneously, we can use the Ultimate ability EMP system Reboot by using his drone, which will 50% damage the shield of the enemies.

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Apex Legends Season 12

New Apex Legends Season 12 Lunar Year Sale Event



In this article we are going to talk about all new upcoming Apex legends season 12 Lunar year sale event also we are going to talk about firing range update rework. so if you are interested in this topic then you can read the full article you will get more information about Apex legends new event.

Firing Range updates in New Season 12

let’s talk about the new firing range update which will be taking place as it has been semi confirmed from respawn devs as you might remember a comment from respawn
josh Medina, actually confirming that the firing range will be receiving an update very soon referring to seasons 12 Defiance.

The patch notes for the upcoming season are very well awaited and should be releasing next weak right before the release of the new season we should get some Intel on the upcoming firing range changes.

if we go ahead and look at the firing range over on Apex legends mobile there are a bunch of features included in it. including its own training system a lot of quality of life improvements and much much more.

you can definitely expect a lot of the features which are are over on the mobile version of the firing range to release into the main version. also, they are heavily liked it and also requested for it.

I hope you like this information about the new Apex legends season 12 event and if you want more information about Apex legends then you can visit our website again.

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Apex Legends Season 12

Apex Legends Season 12 New Upcoming Skins



Apex Legends Season 12

so friends I hope you all enjoy going to season 12 which is so amazing and I also love that map even I am enjoying playing that beach map and that atmosphere is look like so amazing this season is very colorful.

New Upcoming Skins of Apex Legends Season 12

in this post, we are going to show you some skin that is going to be a part of the next event or the latest upcoming skin of Apex legends.

Season 12 Apex Legends (New Reactive & Returning Skins)

in this post, we are going to talk about Apex legends season 12 upcoming event which is totally related to old battle pass skins.

Respawn will be hosting an event that is set around all battle pass selling past battle pass skins in you can more so refer to this as just the upcoming battle pass event and it will be a way that if you just don’t have any other ones from the past you will have the opportunity to get them at the time.

from Respawn official wording that we know so far, we can expect all the skins to be from season 10 onwards but all in all, it’s really great idea for anybody Who may have missed out on any previous ones.

this is also a new sort of event that will be starting to happen a lot more frequently which is just to sort a large scale that gets promoted. but includes a bunch of old skins with this all being said this battle pass event it is unknown when it will be taking place in season 12.

but we can expect it to happen sometime next season mostly before the big season collection event. whether some of the old skins will come out with variations that are recorded or if they’re going to be staying their original colorways

December 2021 Informations

already we have some skins which are so amazing we got in this new event which is totally related to this Island and its looks so amazing pirate-based skins.

but we are all looking for which is the new upcoming skin of Apex legends so let’s go we are going to show you some skins which are going to be a part of this season in the next events.

New Reactive Legends Skins Season 12

so friends here we are going to show you some skins which we are going to see in this season which are reactive skins, so below you can see some skins which are going to be the next reactive skins.

currently don’t have any data of any reactive skins when we know about it then will show you all the reactive skins which are going to be a part of the season 12 Apex legends game. we will try our best to provide you with all the details as soon as possible.

I hope you waiting for all the reactive and latest upcoming season 12 skins but we don’t have any data right now so I will try to provide you with all the data as soon as possible if you want all this information before releasing season 12 then you can subscribe to our website to press the bell icon or present the allow button.

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Apex Legends Season 12

New Legend ‘Mad Maggie’ Apex Legends Season 12



Next Apex Legends Mad Maggie

Inside this post, we are going to talk about New Apex Legend Mad Maggie. We have got some proof about this, with the help of which we can guess that the next legend may be Mad Maggie. so let’s begin..

Apex Legends New Legend ‘Mad Maggie’

Some players are currently getting to see the unreleased skin of Season 12 inside Apex Legends. And inside the game file of the event that has just arrived, it has been seen that Mad maggie can be the legend of the next season 12. Inside all these game files we have found some new codes which point directly to mad maggie.

So you must tell us in the comment that how would you feel if you were a Mad Maggie next legend.

If You Don’t Know Who Mad Maggie Is Then I Will Tell You Mad Maggie Related To Fuse Storyline. And this tells us that she probably fell to her death, But we have not received any confirmation about it whether she is alive or dead, how can we believe that she could have survived. And can join the game to take revenge.

If we get any more information about this season, then we will definitely inform you.

I hope you like this article if you want more articles like this and you want to know about Apex legends so you can visit this website again you will get more interesting articles about Apex Legends.

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