New Apex Legends Crypto Heirloom Season 12

In this post we are going to talk about New Apex Legends Crypto’s Heirloom If you are interested to know about it, then you read this post completely, here we are going to give you a lot of information related to it.

Apex Legends Crypto Heirloom

If we talk about Crypto Heirloom then we will get to see it in season 12. He will get a sword which looks very nice and suits his character. You can see in the video below that he has a sword in his hand, which is currently in progress and the data-miners have been found inside the game file.

Crypto Season 3 Came In and After 9 Season It’s Getting Its Heirloom. If we have any information related to this, then we will definitely share it with you.

Crypto Abilities

  • if we talk about Crypto then Crypto have his drone which he can use to find Enemies. Drone is very important to Mark enemy and team mates can kill them easily.
  • We can scan the banner with the help of drone and find out whether we have any enemy squad or not.
  • Simultaneously, we can use the Ultimate ability EMP system Reboot by using his drone, which will 50% damage the shield of the enemies.

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