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Microsoft Corporation is Buying Discord | The Fall of Discord



So we are going to talk here today that Microsoft Corporation wants to buy Discord for $ 10 billion +. And whatever news has come out about it, we will be here to explain you in full detail.

Microsoft Corporation is Buying Discord | The Fall of Discord
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Microsoft Corporation is Buying Discord

So what happened in this case that discord wants someone to buy it and it reaches Microsoft. And here, Microsoft seems to be interested in buying Discord, so let me tell you that Microsoft is not doing this for the first time, it has bought a lot of software and websites that it has killed.

Microsoft Killed off Skype & Mixer

Such as Skype and mixer both bought by Microsoft and both killed off by Microsoft. People are worried that if Microsoft buys Discord, then what will happen in the future.

On Monday, it was learned that discord is in final negotiation about a cell with an unspecified buyer. The purchase price is well worth $ 10 billion. Discover is a platform that millions of gamers use for voice chat or father activities.

Due to social distancing, such a measurement has been received that the discord has made a lot of revenue within the video game industry this time. And if we talk about the discord revenue of 2020, it was $ 130 million.

It was about $ 7 million in December and it was not known that it was profitable. And such reports have come out here that a lot of companies want to buy discord.

Facebook also comes in this category, which wants to buy Discord, but Facebook under Antitrust Investigation as are other giants such as Amazon, Google and Apple.

So if we look at this according to this, Microsoft is the last real domestic contender here. it has preexisting ties to Discord, Where Already you can link your Xbox account directly to the service.

Popular Communities in Discord

If we talk about how much community is joining Discord then let me tell you that a lot of popular community has joined Discord because Discord is a platform where you get a lot of demand for video games voice chat service.

Below I am going to tell you some games that have joined the community inside the discord and which number it comes on in the games discord. You can see below which discord people use more to play the game.

Popular Communities in Discord
Any popular video game in 2021 has at least one Discord community, including Genshin Impact, Valorant, Apex Legends, and Rocket League. (Discord screenshot)

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