Lamar GTA 5 | Who is Lamar in GTA 5

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Today i am going to talk you about the character Lamar GTA 5, So first we talk about who is lamar in GTA 5 and then we will also talk about voice actor behind lamar and who is best friend of lamar. So without wasting time let’s get started.

Lamar GTA 5
Source : Rockstar Games

Who is Lamar GTA 5

“LAMAR DAVIS” which is a character in the GTA series, lamar davis is the main character of gta online and supporting character in GTA 5. the voice actor behind the lamar davis is given by slink johnson.

let we checkout lamar history, his full name is LAMAR DAVIS also call as leroy and slim. he is an ameriaca born in los santos. lamar best friend is franklin clinton. rockstar games were described him”crazy”.

lamar is a member of the families street gang. he worked as a repossesion man for premium deluxe motorssport untill simeon yetarian fired both lamar and his friend franklin.

lamar and frankline both were classmates, they studied together in the davis high school. gradually they both move towards to the crime. lamar is an online player pick by the LSIA, if female, lamar attemps to hit on the player, but to no avail.

he give them a pistol, and choose fellow player for a car park and take part in the race with them. when race completed, lamar meet the player gerald, where he signed a job. lamar receive a reality check and he after that he realized that his dream rising to the top are little more than dreams.

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The Secret Campaign Ending Featuring Lamar Davis

So we are going to talk about it is the secret ending to GTA 5 that never happened, and I’m sure you’re wondering. what in the world are you talking about secret ending to GTA 5 as far as i know there’s only 3 ending in GTA 5 you have A, B & C.

one possibility is you kill of Michael, one where you kill off Trevor & one Deathwish where all 3 character live however today I’m going to talking to you guys about an originally planned ending that was supposed to feature Lamar GTA 5 and that he was supposed to maybe take place of one of the characters and actually be a playable character when you choose spoiler ending C.

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