King’s Canyon is Returning in Apex Legends Season 8

Today we are going to talk about King’s Canyon is Returning in Apex Legends Season 8. So which updates we got now so that proves that the king’s canyon is coming in season 8. So without wasting time let’s get started.

A lot of players want King’s Canyon to come back, and many players were frustrated with him due to the problem in multiple layouts inside Season 6. We were getting to see this thing inside a specially ranked match.

All the pro players were playing customized games within King’s Canyon map that they all knew how to do the third party inside King’s Canyon map. So because of this problem, a lot of pro players were upset.

So respawn decided to remove King’s canyon because they have a new map it’s called Olympus which is a brand new map right now.

King’s Canyon is Returning

New Map Zone of Kings Canyon

New Map Zone of Kings Canyon
Credit @shrugtal
New Map Zone of Kings Canyon
Credit @shrugtal
  • Spotted Lake
  • Uncovered Bones
  • Verdant Crossing
  • Cage Crossing
  • Crash Site
  • Crashed Ship
  • Destroyed Artillery Tunnel
  • Lagoon Crossing

New King’s Canyon Map Ship Teaser

New King's Canyon Map Ship Teaser
Image source: Watergothim

How we are getting a ship teaser later in the season and we know we’ll be displaying on the maps but it might eventually have to go to king’s canyon but then per see a crash in the trailer causing the new map change or even get blown up by fuse.

Let me tell you one thing that map change will be happening in Kings Canyon and not Olympus this does mean that it looks it is safe from destruction at least for now.

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Mirage Ship is Returning in Season 8

One of the most favorite town takeovers “mirage’s ship” appears to be returning in season 8. Shrugtal has found where the ship is located inside the map and hidden under the king’s canyon right over the remnants of the skull town.

Mirage Ship is Returning in Season 8
Image Source: Shrugtal

Now this might ship is actually turned that crashes ship. mirage defined it as a party boat. So I am waiting for what condition it will be in now.

We are going to talk about the first update that has come out.

This information has come out from Shrugtal over on Twitter. Just yesterday, we got to see the fight night event of Apex Legends. We got to see a lot of information about this event and one of the major information is that the Returning of Kings Canyon in season 8.

So Shrugtal has said on Twitter that we will get to see the Kings Canyon map update within the next season.

And he has also show a game file that we will get to see King’s Canyon within the next season.

Inside it, you can see that canyonlands which may be the code name of Kings Canyon Map, but I’m not sure about it. And so many details have come out, so I believe that King’s Canyon is coming back.

You are excited for King Canyon coming back. Are you happy to play World’s Edge and Olympus or do you want that World’s Edge, Olympus and Kings Canyon moves in rotation, tell us in the comments.

I hope you got to know something from this King’s Canyon is Returning in Apex Legends Season 8 article. And if you want more updates of Apex Legends, you can visit our website. And if you have not subscribed to our website, then what are you thinking, subscribe to that too. We keep bringing similar updates here.

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