Is Cyberpunk 2077 coming inside the Nintendo Switch and release date? - GameZonikk

Is Cyberpunk 2077 coming inside the Nintendo Switch and release date?

Is Cyberpunk 2077 coming inside the Nintendo Switch and release date? 

Is Cyberpunk 2077 coming inside the Nintendo Switch and release date?
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 Hey what’s up guys in this article today we’re gonna be talking about this crazy Nintendo switch porting studio called virtuous and the work that they’ve been doing honestly they’re pretty much like the new panic button and also Skyrim grandma what’s been going on with her and some misreporting that’s been happening here so let’s go ahead and first start off with virtuous now this company is absolutely nuts and in my opinion, they are the new panic button they have been doing some amazing work on various different games from like Final Fantasy on the Nintendo Switch to Starling battle for Atlas Dark Soul the remastered they have a wide variety and genre scope and they do bring over very good versions of each of the games and their newest games they’re gonna be bringing to the switch are the 2k games so Bioshock the collection also XCOM 2 both coming over but they didn’t just stop right there 

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when it comes to virtuous they have all sorts of swag and confidence they think that they can bring pretty much any game to the Nintendo switch any current-gen game and guess what they even think they’re gonna be able to bring next-gen games over to now we’ve had multiple reports on this so I lost my dude dr. he talked about it various different times but I want to talk about some of the stuff that they said recently and some interviews with like my Nintendo news and what they’re doing here and some of my own thoughts when it comes to what’s going on here so virtuous like I said is a crazy company I wanted to get this in an article to talk about it because this is what they had to say recently when it comes to points on the Nintendo switch.

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I said that we spent half a year just to optimize the memory and we use many methods throughout this period including using more efficient formats for files removing needless memory usage and even modifying and optimizing the original console memory itself off the back of our work with stalling battle for Alice Dark Souls remastered and the outer worlds that’s another banger that they’ve done as well which is coming up pretty soon here for the switch and the upcoming XCOM 2 we now have no doubt that switch adaptations can be worked on for games on any of the current generations of consoles the more games we develop for switch the better we get and the more we can squeeze out of the hardware now that’s obviously a pretty big and bold claim so they feel that base what they’re doing here they can pretty much get anything done.

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Now they also discussed how they can bring over PS5 and Xbox Series X games over to Nintendoswitch to and of course, that would be at reduced resolutions and not as good frame rates and all the stuff that would come with a Nintendo Switch version of the game like we’ve seen before with other games they brought over but if you’ve played their ports I mean like pretty much the worst one that I would say is Dark Souls remastered and that’s still a very good and competent version of Dark Souls on the Nintendo switch but everything else is really good and very much acceptable for what people are looking for on the Nintendo switch so I wanted to talk about this because this company is absolutely nuts and I think that they’re so good and that they’re getting so many contracts that they pretty much are that new standard when it comes to Nintendo switch.

When companies want to bring over a big game to the system they’re gonna go to virtuals first obviously you have a company like Sabre which did The Witcher3 they got bought out by THQ Nordic so I think that THQ Lord is gonna be having them do their third party Nintendo’s switch type of ports and games like that but I think that when it comes to an independent company that’s going to be getting contracts from some of these outside companies to get Xbox one or Xbox series X or PS 5 games or whatever the case is because there’s probably gonna be a lot of cross-gen games anyway so it’s probably more like the ps4 version be imported over more so than anything else but either way they’re gonna get virtuals to do this and this is definitely extremely good news for the Nintendo Switch system and even leads into what Nintendo’s doing next 

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I don’t think there’s going to be like a start over right because if you look at it with by 3 you had a little bit of a start over from what people did with the Wii right yet a little bit of a start over from what people were doing with the ps4 and Xbox one but whenever we get the next switch yes there’s gonna be things that are different and developers gonna have to learn new tricks and tactics whatever there’s more power or CPU or whatever the case is but I think it’s gonna be that same Tegra or Nvidia it’s gonna be that same knowledge you gain so it’s not gonna be too much harder to adapt and move on 

I think that’s the cool thing about the Nintendo Switch and I’m so happy that it’s having success so guys like virtuals can continue to hone their craft I mean look at all the games that we just mentioned here XCOM to the outer worldsStarLink Dark Souls remastered I mean there are so many good games they’ve been working on heck Bioshock as well they are a top-tier Nintendo split supporting studio from what I understand they have over 1,000 employees pretty much across the globe so they are all over the place but they’re originally based in China from what I understand or an Asian company so it’s crazy to see how well this company is doing on Nintendo switch and it’s crazy to see that they are so confident like I said they’ve got so much swag that they think that they can bring over pretty much anything over to the system. 

which would include games like cyberpunk alright I mean I think that would probably be the true test of all tests for virtuousness that they can bring over cyberpunk because the game that they did or not that they did but the game that people thought that was previously impossible to come over at the Nintendo Switch was the Witcher 3another CD Projekt RED game so if they were able to get a contract some way shape or how to bring over cyberpunk that would be incredible in its own right and if it ran good and if it plagues in which I think it would 

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because I think that all of the virtuousness ports have done really well on the system we’re starting to see some developers pop some crazy things before the switch and, of course, this third-party support albeit being lay or higher-priced or whatever the case is it’s still good for the system because for every person that has already got a ps4 and played it there are one more person or two more people or whatever the case that doesn’t have the game and there’s another person who wants to play the game portable heck we’ve seen how many people have switched lights and how many people even with the regular switch is exclusively play their games portable for just like the convenience of it or being able to play without having to worry about the TV or in separate rooms or if they travel to a friend’s house or whatever the case is 

So seeing bricks let’s bring over all these big games there’s no way you’d be able to play them portable unless you get but the GPD win or something like that which is crazy expensive and its running on Windows basic PC and stuff like that so I mean most people don’t want to do that you want to do it’s a little bit quicker easier like the Nintendo switch or the switch light so being able to bring over these type of games and put them anywhere that you want is very important and I think that’s one of the big reasons why the Nintendo Switch is doing extremely well heck we even have just recently there was the news that Nintendo switch it was up available different sites like Amazon and best find all that and within an instant (cyberpunk 2077 switch)

it’s already being sold out some of it being scalpers and a lot of it is people who just want a Nintendo switch system right so it’s just nuts it’s nice to see the Tendo have the success and to see developers being able to do stuff like this on the system and shout out the virtuals man I want to see their ports I’m gonna be supporting them just so we can see more developers and that’s more time and money into the switch system obviously most of these third-party developers are going to be going for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X or ps4 and Xbox one but we might see some games here and there come over and a lot of them might surprise you in the future so what do you guys think about what virtuals work is doing 

here how crazy do you guys think that they are on a scale of one to ten when it comes to crazy good developing on the switch let me know your thoughts in the comment section below alright so move it off to the next topic here guys we have a little bit of an I would just say mess up or major mess up that’s going on here with the Skyrim grandma for those who don’t know there’s this 82-year-old grandma who likes to play Skyrim she’s actually pretty popular she streams and everything and apparently she said that she’s gonna be taking some time off recently and, unfortunately, VG 24/7 ran an article saying that she’s taking time off because (cyberpunk 2077 switch)

she’s getting so many people harassing her and all this stuff and there’s so many negative comments they wrote this big article on that and Heckman we were ready the elite ninja here in the village we’re ready to bust down some doors like my man juice valve on had to say are we ready to bust down some doors to stop people because I’m not gonna be having 82-year-old grandmas who are streaming being harassed that’s ridiculous and while she did state that there are some people doing some harassment on her that is not the case overall most people are very nice to her she doesn’t have any issues and this is what she had to write on BG 24/7 s articles so the article title was youtube Skyrim grandma announces she is scaling back streams for the sake of her health after receiving an onslaught of patronizing comments 

then here’s what she had to say this is Shirley’s curly that’s her name on Twitter she says BG 24/7 I don’t know who you are or where you get your ideas from but there was no onslaught of patronizing comments triple exclamation marks but yes I am scaling back my article due to health most people on my channel are very nice I do wish you would delete this so it would go away cuz apparently people have been tagging her and letting her know like hey what’s going on here and trying to defend her or whatever it is here so there’s not people attacking her and doing all this different stuff that’s causing her to say okay (cyberpunk 2077 switch)

I’m gonna take a step back it’s just due to her help because she’s 82 years old now the unfortunate thing or another unfortunate thing is that GameSpot’s recently just ran an article I think yesterday last night or the time that I’m recording this it was pretty much just recently but I saw rgt 85 post that GameSpotpretty much said the same thing they ran an article saying the Skyrim grandma is getting harassed or whatever and that’s just not the case when she already responded to this and VG 24/7 never spoke with her they never spoke with the Skyrim grandma so that’s very unfortunate that they ran an article without speaking to her first that should have been what they’ve done so this thing would have happened but I’m so glad I didn’t make an article on it first because I was ready to make an article on it because we just can’t behaving 82-year-olds you know or heck anybody really but especially 82-year-old grandmas playing Skyrim 

we can’t be having them getting harassed listen I know it’s the internet people are gonna do it but there are lines to be John and if people want to go that way then definitely there needs to be a resistance against people that are willing to abuse somebody at that age that’s just plain Skyrim that’s obviously not hurting anybody at all or not doing anything wrong so I’m very glad that is not the case since she’snot getting a bunch of crazy people saying stupid things to her all the time and she needs to take care of her help that’s the biggest thing that she needs to do I still think that she’s gonna have plenty of good years left in the tank as long as she takes care of her help so let her do that let her enjoy her Skyrim and all of that and let her have her fun people (cyberpunk 2077 switch)

I guess she was kind of complain that people were backseat gaming and stuff like that at time so just go there enjoy the fact that we have an 82-year-old grandma playing Skyrim I think that’s dope to see that because you don’t see it very often right.

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