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GTA 6 Official Teaser Found in New Heist DLC Trailer 2020

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Today we are going to tell you about GTA 6 Official Teaser Found in New Heist DLC Trailer. so what we saw inside this DLC trailer update let’s check this out. and we will also explain more things about what we can expect from Rockstar games.

GTA 6 Official Teaser Found Full Explained

We all know that Rockstar is a very secretive company. Rockstar games do not give any major hints before announcing their title. When GTA 4 was also revealed, a person was tattooed on his hand and it was revealed. The same happened with GTA 5 when it was revealed, then it was revealed by Written #GTA 5 on Twitter by Rockstar games. After waiting for GTA 6 for so many years, finally, rockstar games have given a GTA 6 Official Teaser. Which we will talk about today in this article.

And we’ll also talk about why Tommy Vercetti’s voice actor Ray Liotta came to Rockstar Games Studio. After this article, you must comment and tell me what you think about GTA 6.

A DLC is about to come, people find a huge hint of GTA 6 Official Teaser inside the DLC teaser before its release. So in RockstarGames, we want to tell you that the game is still in development. It has been found in Hint from inside us GTA 5 game teaser and this teaser was uploaded by Rockstar Games on their social media accounts. Inside this teaser, RockstarGames put the map’s coordinates in the middle which everyone thought would be the new island co-ordinates inside GTA 5.

When some people put this coordinate in Google, it came to know that it is from the coordinate of a US location, it looks very empty area, but if you look at it carefully, you will see a road here, on the road It is written that the VI, here is that Rockstar Games has teased GTA 6 directly so we can say it is GTA 6 Official Teaser. Because I don’t think Rockstar Games will put the wrong coordinator inside the biggest update of GTA Online. If it were the wrong coordinate, it would be of a city or Ocean. But clear on that road is written VI.

This location belongs to the Virginians of the USA, where some of the local people also went to this location to see that Rockstar has left a hint there. Unfortunately, there was no such hint at that location. You are aware that some characters of the GTA series give their appearances within the next GTA series. For example, some of the characters of GTA 4 were brought to GTA 5, some of which later give us missions in the game. And all the characters that will come inside this update of Cayo Perico, there are very high chances of those characters will come inside the GTA 6. and i hope Rockstar will launch GTA 6 Official Teaser soon.

And now let’s talk that Tommy Vercetti’s voice actor Ray Liotta has seen people outside Rockstar Studio. It is true that they only know those people but they have no proof. If this is true, then we can probably see remastered versions of GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, and GTA 3 inside Future. Or they are also called for motion capture inside GTA 6, but its chances are very less. Tommy’s voice actor did not go too much about his payment when the GTA Vice City game was released, so we did not get to see Tommy’s character inside GTA San Andreas.

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