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GTA 6 News and Rumors Music Video Franklin Reveal The Truth!

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Latest updates about GTA 6 News

So hello gaming lovers, and now finally I think that this is the nes according to me. So I think to tell you all about this. In this article, you can get information about the official music of GTA 6 and it is the first time that the GTA 5’s voice-over actors replied questions related to GTA 6 to their fans.

GTA 6 News

So the first news comes So before that let me show you whether the tractor character of GTA 5 will be in GTA 6 or not.


— So the blinding light music is getting very popular in rockstar games and their fans. Some rumours are saying that is song can be the official music of the GTA 6. There is an animated short video of this song where you can see GAT 6 trailer written on the 56 sec duration. in this update you will get all GTA 6 news.

GTA 6 News

But if you think that this song is related to GTA 6 so you are not wrong in some ways cuz the song suits too much for the official music for GTA 6. So maybe this song could come within GTA 6. So the most important reason that this music can be the official music of GTA 6. I am not saying that GTA 6 trailer is written inside this song. I am saying that there are many reasons that make us know that today is Singer Weekend. He has made GTA 6 music together with Rockstar. So maybe this song is also from GTA 6. most of the people want this type of GTA 6 news.

There is no secret message in this, people think that this song belongs to GTA 6. Because all the messages that appear in this animated music are comments from the TikTok event of the people who did it in their live event.

So it’s like wondering why people commented on the GTA 6 trailer when it was such a live event. So the first reason may be that there was a live GTA 6 live fake stream on April Fool’s Day which used the BLINDING LIGHT music of the weekend.

Another reason may be that this music is a perfect shoot for the official GTA 6. Even listening to which it seems that this music is made only for GTA 6. so this GTA 6 news will very special for everyone.

So because of this song, we can see people talking that this music belongs to GTA 6. So after listening to all this talk now it seems that the music is not of GTA 6 people have spread such rumors.

Yan2295 who works inside Rockstar also said that these are all rumors. But guys I want to tell you that this music can really be the Music of GTA 6. I’m not saying this on my own but there are many reasons behind this which show that working with Rockstar this weekend can bring this music inside Rockstar.

The first proof of this is that you can listen to this music for 0:26 seconds to 0:50 seconds and by listening to it you can’t deny that this is not GTA music.

The music is based on 1980s Natro style music with a 1980s Miami vibe of the same vice city. Apart from this, the music video itself seems to be themed on gta in which the weekend is our singer, it looks like a psycho character like Traver who steals a car and is speeding all over the city.

=> And friends now come to an interesting thing so that this thing can be proved that this music is actually going to be used inside GTA 6. So the weekend, who has sung the song BLINDING LIGHT, took a picture of a Mattel statue on Twitter, which was a very mysterious thing in itself because after seeing this, people could not understand at all what it was.

Shortly after this, the official website of Rockstars was updated, in which we can see some similar statue that was shown by the weekend, so maybe the Rockstars gave that statue for celebrating.

Apart from this, there was a banner on the website of Rockstars, behind which there is a bottle which is written in 1988, which is being told indirectly that GTA 6 will definitely be in 1988 because the vice city was also based on 1980s and this music was also music is inspired by 1980s.

So what do you have to say about this GTA 6 news

I think is that in October 2009 the weekend who is the writer of the song blinding light uploaded a photo of a metal statue in his official Twitter account which is mysterious by itself. And so on after some days of this happening Rockstar games official web was updated where we can see the same metal statue on the letter R of the Rockstar games logo. This was the biggest evidence.


—- here a fan asked to Rockstar games official Twitter account about the latest updates about GTA 6 and the most shocking thing was that they replied that fan. They said there is no news of GTA 6 and if any update comes you can automatically see it on Rockstar games official news web. This thing is interesting because many fans were always been asking for GTA 6 and they never replied. This is the first time that they replied to one of the fans in 7 years. So the point is that they are likely to tell about the latest updates about GTA 6


— Some fans also asked them for the latest updates about GTA 6 and they replied that we should not force rockstar games for GTA 6 because these type of games take time to make. Small kind of mistakes can make this game glitchy


—-Here is also the same situation. Some fans asked them about GTA 6 and the reply was . We should enjoy what we have at this time and not to me impatience

So guys these were some latest updates about GTA 6 thanks for reading this article

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