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GTA 5 Characters Full Background Story Detail Explained

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In this article, we will tell you about GTA 5 characters. We will tell you all the other things that are related to the characters of GTA 5. The complete story of all the characters of GTA 5 will also be done here in detail.

GTA 5 Characters Full Background Story Explained
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GTA 5 Characters Full Story in Detail

There are three characters inside GTA 5 which is the main characters. About which you will find the complete details below.

1) Michael De Santa

Michael was born in a trailer park somewhere in the 1965 or 1968 Midwest. We will explain the reason why there are two birth dates here. Michael’s life was not as luxurious as that of Michael’s children. He was from a very poor family and had to work very hard. Michael’s parents were not told anything like this, it was told that Michael’s father left him early.

Michael’s childhood went through very tough conditions, but still, he continued his studies. Michael has a lot of interest in support. He was on the All-State football team inside the high school. An article named Michael was published in the newspaper about Michael’s good performance in football. After some time, Michael had to quit the team due to personal issues and injury.

During the age of 20, he has also gone to jail twice and had developed a lot of skills there. There was also a skill that he knew how to tattoo, so inside a mission inside GTA 5, he made a tattoo on his daughter’s boyfriend’s chest and told him to stay away from my daughter. Later, in 1985, GTA 5 characters Michael contacts an old man for work and he tells Michael that the goods have to be exported from the border.

For that reason, that old man needs a pilot, then he is a Trevor. Trevor and Michael meet there but on the delivery day something happens that there is a fight between Michael and the old man he wants to kill the old man Michael but Trevor saves his life and the old man is killed The Experience is very scary for Michael. After this, both throw the old man’s body in the lake and they sell all the goods and both share half their profit.

GTA 5 Characters Michael Short Story

Michael Former has been a bank robber and is also a criminal and now he is leaving all this and living with his family in Los Santos. This character is a very interesting character and you will find this character in many missions inside GTA 5 as it is the main character of GTA 5. Michael De Santa’s voice actor is Ned Luke. Ned Luke has worked in 29 movies and television shows.

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2) Trevor Philips

Trevor is one of the GTA 5 characters. And he is also the angriest character. Trevor is said to be a psycho character inside the GTA 5 that can kill anyone within a small amount of mistake and does not feel a little gilt while doing this thing. Even after all this, Trevor is very honest and never shows off his status.

Within the game, we also get to know that GTA 5 characters Trevor is also very emotional and that his Close Trevor also takes care of it. He states that he was born near the Canadian border. He says that he grew up in 14 different houses, 5 cities and 2 different countries.

He was very angry since childhood, so it was very difficult to stay in society and his childhood did not pass with happiness, his father used to torture him physically and his mother’s behavior was also very bad with him emotionally.

Trevor was deemed useless by his parents. Because he did not care for his mother at all, once his father left him inside the shopping mall, after that he burnt the shopping mall in revenge. He also has a brother named Ryan who has died in an accident. He is all drop out of school due to his violence mind and the region of his lake of knowledge is also the same, GTA 5 characters Trevor also has a lot of difficulty in Grammar and Pronunciation.

His friend’s recording is very good inside Mathematics but his friend is stupid. Shortly after this, he gets a lot of interest in flying jets, for this Trevor starts flying jet training by getting recruited in the Air force, Trevor is discharged from training due to being mentally unstable before completing training and becoming a licensed pilot. Trevor’s mother is blamed for being mentally unstable.

He then starts committing petty robberies. After this, he is to meet Michael on the border for the first time in 1993. And they have a friendship after that, they started to commit big crimes. Once he is caught during a robbery because a person working there already knew him, after which Trevor was also jailed for 6 months it occurs.

After which he starts a relationship with Amanda but he did not like each other at all. He also becomes the uncle of Michael’s children, after being a family settler, Michael started thinking a lot before committing to crime because he had a lot to lose. GTA 5 characters Trevor felt that Michael is getting very soft hearted. He then meets Brad and joins Brad Trevor and Michael.

After this, the three team up together very hard. Michael and Brad don’t trust each other, after which Brad wants to cut Michael and work alone with Trevor. Michael and Trevor still lived together until 2004, followed by Trevor during Robbery, followed by Michael Brad, while the police kill Brad and shoot Michael, Michael is injured and Brad dies. Michael goes there lying inside, Michael tells Trevor that you leave here and Trevor leaves from there.

He then realizes that GTA 5 characters Michael is dead and he escapes from the police and runs to a place inside the village. A weapon store opens itself and starts running. So this is the story of GTA 5 characters Trevor.

3) Franklin Clinton

Franklin is one of the GTA 5 characters. And of all the characters, quiet is of nature. He is an African American young boy. He is not afraid to accept any illegal challenge and his character is also shown to be very positive. Within GTA 5, we find that Franklin is a very good driver, so he has a special ability within the game to slow down the time when the vehicle is running at full speed.

Within the game, Franklin has a father-and-son relationship with Michael, which within a mission of GTA 5, Franklin proves this by saving GTA 5 characters Michael’s life. Franklin was born in South Los Santos San Andreas. Nothing was disclosed about his date of birth, but GTA 5 characters Franklin’s vehicle number is 1988, which suggests that it could be Franklin’s date of birth.

Franklin knows nothing about his father, when Franklin was very young, his mother becomes Drug Addicted. He has heard many times inside his childhood that his father used to be very angry and violently treated the same mother, and Franklin’s father’s behavior led to Franklin’s mother becoming a drug addict. Franklin’s father left her mother when she was pregnant. Franklin’s mother died of a drug overdose early in his childhood.

After Franklin’s mother dies, he resides with his grandparents. Even after his grandparents explain, he does not leave this illegal work. He does his first job by selling illegal cigarettes, everything goes well. Suddenly one day, Franklin’s grandpa catches him. But still, he keeps doing all this work. After Franklin’s grandparents’ death, he lives with his aunt, who was the grandmother of franklin, which she did in the name of franklin.

At the same time, Franklin also has to go to jail due to a lot of incalculable work and after that if he thinks of doing one thing, then he goes to work inside the showroom of a car. And that’s when the GTA 5 story begins.

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