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Six Fortnite Beach Party Locations (14 Days of Summer Challenge)

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Today I am going to tell you about Fortnite Beach Party Locations, where you can dance at different beach parties on all these locations and what they called etc, and we will explain all the locations where all the beach parties. and if you are a new Fortnite player then you also see below some information about Fortnite game so let’s begin.

All Fortnite Beach Party Locations

Now we talk about Fortnite beach party locations so, this is part of the 14 days of summer event, in which you have to complete a number of challenges to unlock a variety of rewards. there are 6 locations of beach parties. we will guide you, how you can easily find all the locations as quickly as possible.
follow the instruction which is given below,

Fortnite Beach Party Locations
image credit: sportingnews
Dance at different beach parties Fortnite
Lazy Lagoon
Loot Lake
Neo Tilted
Dusty Divot
Paradise Palms

All Beach Parties fortnite Locations


This location you will find up north, almost at the edge of the island. here you can do a dance party.

Image Source: Evan Yon
Image Source: Evan Yon


you can find this location on the northwest side of the lake to see this beach party and dance.

source: paulsoaresjr
source: paulsoaresjr


you will see this beach party by the river southeast of Neo tilted.

Image Source: Hollow


This location is available at the small lake southeast of the dusty divot and dance at this party.

Image Source: Zylaz
Image Source: Zylaz


the first beach party at paradise palms is at a small lake west of the area, near the grass. here you can find it.

Image Source: TBNRFrags
Image Source: TBNRFrags


the second beach party is by a lake in the southwest of the city, north of the gas station.

Image Source: Hollow

note: if you pass through all the locations then you can wait until more of them are available in 14 days. you will find your reward ready to use in your locker.
we hope our guide will help you and you will complete all the six locations easily and quickly.

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You Can Dance at different beach parties in Fortnite

If you do not know, then I will tell you that you can dance by visiting all those places which I have given above. There you will get to see the beach, which you can enjoy and dance with your friends there.

I know that fortnite game everyone play for fun because there you can do a lot of things like there is a battle royale but there you can drive, dance and do whatever you like. So You Can Have a Different Beach Party Inside Fortnite.

Visit different beach parties in Fortnite

If you don’t know how you can visit different beach party inside Fortnite game. So I give you a video below, you can easily find out by watching that video where you will find these 6 beaches.

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Information About Fortnite

I want to share some knowledge with you, hope you will like it too. Fortnite game was developed by Epic games company in 1991, this company is situated in the united state. and in their career, they discovered more than 50 games like Heartlight, epic pinball, epic baseball, unreal age of wonders, etc.

but in 2017 they invent one of the most popular games whose name is Fortnite. this is a realistic action-adventure game which is available on PC and IOS version. in this game you can see two modes, first is Fortnite: SAVE THE WORLD and the second is Fortnite: BATTLE ROYALE.
the second mode of this game is more famous than the first mode. you can play this game as solo or duo type.

I hope you like this Fortnite Beach Party Locations article and if you want more fortnite game updates so you can also visit this website, we also share all new games Updates so you will get more new and latest updates here. and if you are new to this website so you can subscribe this website for new update notifications by pressing bell icon below.

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