Top 4 Fastest Bike in GTA 5 | Fastest Motorcycle in GTA 5 Online 2016


hello guys, today I am gonna tell you about the top fastest bike in GTA 5. And we will also give the names of all the bikes which bike is fast bike inside GTA 5. And if you need more GTA 5 updates, Then you will get those updates on our website. So let’s begin.


Top 4 Fastest Bike in GTA 5

we all know we need the good and fastest bikes to run fast. to arrive anywhere in a short time. so I find the top 5 fastest bikes for grand theft auto 5. take a look below. there is top 4 fastest bike in GTA 5 online.


Fastest Bike in GTA 5
Credit: GTA 5

Price: $2,225,000

Top Speed: 99.1 / 159.5 mph/kmh

Shotaro bike is one of the best and fastest bike ever. this bike is manufactured by Nagasaki for appearing in grand theft auto online(gta5 online). this bike mostly designed for break the rule, most powerfull and fastest bike ever.

in the event of Shotaro Nagasaki planed to make a futuristic sports bike which will appear in grand theft auto online, it released on 8th November 2016. its vehicle class is Motorcycles and its vehicle type is a civilian motorcycle, and body style you know already that is a sports bike. its capacity to bare is only for 1 rider.

you can only see this bike online in grand theft auto, it only appears there. let us see how much it worth, so you can buy this bike for $2,225,000. Nagasaki makes a similar bike like this which called is the Future Shock Deathbike.

2) Pegassi Bati 801:

Credit: GTA 5

Price: $15,000

Top Speed: 135.00 mph (217.26 km/h)

Bati 801 Most looking and fastest bike ever, this bike is also known as Bati 800 and Bati 801. so this bike vehicles class is motorcycles, and its vehicle type is Civilian motorcycle let we check its body style which is sports bike.

it have a good capacity to pick, it can pic 2 people one of rider and another one is passenger, this bike only appear in The lost and damned grand theft auto v, grand theft auto online, bati 801 is manufactuted by Pdgassi(HD Universe).

it cost $10,000 for GTA 5 and $15,000 for GTA 5 online. having variant Bati 801RR. also having a similar vehicle which is Carbon RS.

3) Shitzu Hakuchou:

Credit: GTA 5

Price: $82,000

Top Speed: 134.00 mph (215.65 km/h)

One of the Fastest Bike in GTA 5 is Hakuchou. this most attractive designed bike. HAKUCHOU bike also known as HA HA COOCHIE KOO jap scrap rice rocket by Johnny.

Its vehicle class is a motorcycle which you can see in GTA 5 online. its vehicle type is Civilian Motorcycle, its body style is a sports bike, which has the capacity to pick 2 riders and passenger. it appears in grand theft auto online.

hakuchou bike is manufactured by SHITZU, its price is $82,000 onwards. its variant is HAKUCHOU DRAG, having a similar vehicle known as NRG 900.

4) Pegassi Oppressor:

Credit: GTA 5

Price: $3,524,500 and Trade price $2,650,000

Top Speed: 140.00 mph (225.31 km/h)

oppressor bike is the very fastest bike. this bike is also known as oppressor MK first. its vehicle class is a motorcycle. its vehicle type is concept vehicle and its body style is Custom motorcycle, its capacity to picking is only for one rider.

this appears in grand theft auto online, oppressor bike is manufactured by Pegassi, its cost is $3,524,500 and its trade price is $2,650,000, its variant is oppressor MK 2 and having a similar vehicle which is known as ROCKET VOLTIC VIGILANTE.

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