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Today we have brought a lot of good news for you which is connected to Download PUBG Mobile India APK in india. And we will also talk about the government issue of the pubg game which was going on. So without wasting time latest get started.

PUBG Mobile Download APK
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Finally PUBG in India for Android/iOS

So the first news has come out from GemWire. He posted on his Instagram that one man has just taken RTI QUERY FILED to NCPCR(National Commission for Protection of Child Rights) regarding PUBG mobile Relaunch.

So let me tell you what they were replayed. So according to NCPCR, she does not aloud games that are not registered. And NCPCR said it was not an internal meeting. And they were not in favor of such games in the country.

RTI Response

So now we are going to tell you what came in response from RTI.

Credit to GemWire

First, we talk about when the meeting was held. So let me tell you that a meeting was held under MEITY a virtual meeting was held with NCPCR on 4th December 2020 to relaunch PUBG mobile game.

Due to the request of MEITY, there was a meeting between NCPCR & PUBG Corporation here. So this news is good for us, here PUBG Corporation also talked to the government and PUBG Corporation is doing something here.

So I told you earlier, until there is proper legislation here, friends here will not allow PUBG mobile or any game here from NCPCR.

Now guys you are getting so much confusion that you were getting to see the news here that we will get to see the 2nd Trailer or Teaser and friends here we are going to see some announcements. So here you are getting confused, it is not wrong.

But if you have seen the video of technical Guruji tomorrow, he told that very strong reports are coming out here that we will get to see PUBG Mobile before 25th January 2021.

So if you are thinking that we are not getting permission from the government and military side, then how can we get to see PUBG Mobile India? So let me tell you one thing that we are not aware of what is happening between PUBG Corporation and the Government.

This was an RTI meeting here, we came to know that there is going to be some meeting between PUBG Corporation and the government, otherwise we do not know what is happening inside. So a very good thing is that there was a meeting here from the government.

So it comes to know that there will be either a meeting between the government and the public corporation in the future or maybe it has been already done.

So if I know you made me, then let me tell you one thing that there is no need to take government permission to launch PUBG Mobile India here, they can launch it now but PUBG corporation is seeing the future of PUBG Mobile in India.

So let’s see when they get permission here and we got to see a lot of updates here that PUBG is hiring a lot of people here. And PUBG Mobile must be doing something that we can get to see inside PUBG Mobile India at the earliest.

How to Download PUBG Mobile Game APK

You just have to wait a bit to download the PUBG game. If you want to play the official Indian version of this game, then you have to wait a little bit. Because the PUBG Corporation is taking permission from the government about it right now.

Whenever PUBG Mobile is launched, then you will get it available on our Telegram channel. So you can also join our Telegram channel.

I hope you find this PUBG Mobile India Download APK | Finally PUBG in India for Android / iOS article would have liked and you got to know something new And whenever nothing comes out of this game, I will definitely tell you. For that you can join our Telegram Group.


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