Download FAUG Game| Launch Date|Gameplay Trailer

So here you will get to Download FAUG Game. the launch date of FAUG and its gameplay trailer will be seen here. If you want to know all these things then you can read this article. So without wasting time let’s get started.

Download FAUG Game
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FAUG Game Launch Date|Gameplay Trailer

When PUBG was banned, a new game was introduced to beat PUBG it called FAUG. So this game will launch on 26 January. Akshay Kumar helped a lot in promoting this game. But FAUG game developer Vishal is the founder of a company that manufactures its products inside China.

I did not say that their products are made inside China, but not made there. And all these products are also promoted by Akshay Kumar. So this is all the other thing, let us now move on to our main news.

This time a lot of updates related to the FAUG game have been released. PUBG was banned on September 2 last year, just two days after Akshay Kumar announced this game. Then there was a lot of contravention related to the FAUG game right now whether it was it’s name or it’s first teaser.

And on social media too, it was very much discussed that due to FAUG, PUBG’s date is getting delayed. And now the FAUG game is scheduled to release on 26 January 2021 and Akshay Kumar has also put the trailer on his Twitter.

The first level of FAUG is a base on the Galwan valley Clash between India and China. So inside this game it is all that has been told that this game has been made related to the clash that took place between India and China.

Earlier it was being said that no one would use guns or weapons inside the level of Galwan Valley, this would be the only third person. If there is an agreement between India and China, then within that region, guns or weapons will not be used.

And the developers of this game want to keep this game realistic, then the gun will not be used in this level. The trailer that has just come out of the FAUG game inside which the Weapons have been used and the trailer has come out as a FAUG Guns inside a trailer.

FAUG Gameplay Trailer

Guns and weapons will be in the first level or in the second level or will be known only after the game is launched. FAUG will be a multiplayer game in which Indian Soldiers will kill and destroy Chinese inventors.

And you have not pre-registered this game yet, then you can pre-register this game, this will give you access to this game soon.

How To Download FAUG Game?

So far this game has not been launched, but when this game is launched, then we will make you available here.The game is set to release on 26 January.

If you want to download this game, then join our Telegram channel, we will make this game available there.

I hope you Download FAUG Game | Launch Date | Gameplay Trailer Article would have liked and if you want more games updates then you can visit our website again. You can subscribe to our website to download military games, we will make this game available soon.

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